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Undercut for women over 50: these sassy short hairstyles will make you younger and more confident!

The fact that you are over 50 or even over 60 does not mean that you have to stick to a boring hairstyle and stop enhancing your beauty. Try different cuts and colors, create your own style! Especially now that you have so many options to experiment with. To inspire you, we have collected some cool short haircut ideas that show how to wear and properly style the undercut for women over 50. Choose a sassy haircut and let your hairdresser give you a little rejuvenation!

Is the undercut suitable for women over 50?

Is the undercut suitable for women over 50

After a certain age, be it 50 or 60, we women strive to look younger with the right hairstyle, clothes and makeup. And while the outfit and makeup must be done daily, with the right haircut you can cheat away a few years and for several weeks.

Stylish hairstyles from 50 Pixie Cut stepped with undercut in the neck

We’ve already shown you several ideas for rejuvenating haircuts that are suitable for any style. However, if you’re looking for a bold cut that exudes style and confidence, then you should definitely try the undercut. This involves shaving off certain parts of the hair, such as the nape or sides, and combining it with a classic haircut. Although the look is mostly chosen by young women, it is also suitable for older ladies as long as it fits the shape of their head and face.

Wondering how a sassy short hairstyle with undercut for women over 50 could look like? Then take a look at the pictures in our gallery and get inspired!

This is how stylish and modern the undercut looks on older ladies!

Asymmetrical pixie with undercut for women over 50

Asymmetrical pixie with undercut for women over 50 with round face

An undercut pixie is one of the best short hairstyles for women over 50 that definitely makes you look younger. Long pixie hairstyles have that youthful appeal and sass that women over 50 are looking for. If you bring the bangs to the side, you will add an extra accent to the undercut and achieve a chic effect at the same time. Such a sassy short haircut will provide a fresh, younger look even if you have gray or graying hair.

Undercut for women over 50 with gray hair.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses Pixie undercut and volume in the top hair

Take advantage of volume and shape with one of the most beautiful short haircuts for women – the tapered pixie. Choose a metallic gray shade for more glamour or just stay true to your natural color.

Feathered Pixie with undercut at the nape of the neck.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie with Bangs and Undercut

Relaxed and sophisticated, any list of short hairstyles for older women should include at least one daring cut. Undercuts at the nape of the neck are flexible, and you can choose a very subtle style or settle for an eye-catching shave.

Textured pixie in bright color with undercut.

Cool pink hair color and short haircut with undercut for women over 50

What looks better than a bright pink pixie? How about a bright fuchsia pixie with an undercut? This eye-catching haircut will make sure all eyes are on you – wear it with confidence! The long straight top hair is tousled on top, and the shadow of the dark base adds character and depth.

Pixie bob with short nape

Grey pixie bob hairstyle with undercut in the neck

Let your pixie haircut grow out elegantly by cutting off the back part close to the nape of the neck and leaving the crown slightly longer. If you have thick hair, cut the bangs at an angle so that they lie flat and frame your forehead and eyes. The silver-gray balayage goes well with dark brown and blonde hair.

Long Pixie with angled bangs and side undercut.

Pixie cut with undercut for women over 50 makes you look younger

A long, undercut, edgy pixie is a cool way to spice up thick hair with a bit of sass and flair. For this long pixie with undercut, the stylist used a scissor cut for shape and a razor cut for texture. The undercut is done with a long hair clipper.

Short undercut pixie with tousled top coat

Sassy undercut hairstyles for older ladies

If you want a playful look, you can have the top hair cut short and layered and tousle it daily with a suitable product. Styling from the top hair requires heat protection, texture spray, serums and hairspray depending on the length and desired look. Which are the best care products for gray hair, read this article .

Plantinum blond short haircut for straight hair.

Short haircut sleek look with side parting and undercut platinum blonde

White-gray hair can be wonderfully covered with the hair color platinum blond. Combine her new, modern color with a pixie cut with side parting and shave off the shorter side. This haircut will create a fresh, rejuvenating look.

Mixie Cut with Undercut for Women over 50

Trend hairstyles 2022 for women over 50 mixie with undercut

The mixie cut is a combination of the pixie and the mullet (mullet). This modern haircut is all the rage in 2022 and is a great choice for all ladies over 50 who don’t feel old by any means. Combine the mixie with shaved side parts and a new hair color that covers your gray.

Bob hairstyle with undercut for women of any age.

Undercut bob as a sassy short hairstyle for women over 60 and 70

The bob knows no age and is one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 50. To make the classic cut more playful, you can combine it with an undercut. For this, a diagonally graduated (A-line) bob is best suited. In this case, the lower 2-3 cm of hair is shaved off both at the nape of the neck and on the sides. This is still the perfect cut for thick hair that you want to thin out for an easy summer feel.

Celebrity ladies over 50 also love the undercut

Tilda Swinton as inspiration for sassy short haircut with undercut from 50

The undercut has not passed by the ladies in Hollywood either. Among the most famous representatives of the look is actress Tilda Swinton. She has been wearing her hair in a light blonde undercut pixie for years, and she or her stylists often experiment with the length and styling of the top hair.

Halle Berry inspires ladies over 50 for short hairstyles with undercut

Actress Halle Berry has also brought back the pixie in her 50s, combining it with a striking color and a cool undercut. With such a look, surely no one can believe that she is already 55 years old.

Styling idea for short hair with undercut pompadour style Tilda Swinton