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Undercut for gray hair: these sassy short hairstyles for women over 50 are cool and instantly create a youthful look!

Blunt bob, long bob or a cheeky pixie cut for older women – short hairstyles are on trend and feel extremely refreshing and light, especially in the summer heat. As soon as the temperatures reach the 30-degree mark, we would love to shave our hair off completely – or at least halfway. Do you also fancy a new haircut that will definitely be an eye-catcher? Then you will love the new hair trend in summer 2022! Confident, wild and really chic – the undercut for gray hair is THE coolest short hairstyle for women over 50 and perfect for all those who are not afraid of big changes! The sassy haircut comes across super versatile and provides a fresh, modern breeze. Enough talk! Make a quick call to the hair salon and get inspired by the coolest ideas for undercuts for women over 50!

The undercut for gray hair as a hairstyle trend in summer 2022

Undercut for gray hair Long Pixie Cut for women over 50

Once known as a man’s hairstyle, the undercut for women over 50 is becoming increasingly popular. But that doesn’t surprise us either. The combination of long and short looks super exciting and makes us look a few years younger in no time. The short hairstyle for women over 50 is also super versatile and brings unimagined freedom in terms of styling. Whether it’s a bob or pixie, the undercut comes across as extremely versatile and is perfect for those who want an exciting look.

Trend hairstyles summer 2022 Pixie with undercut women over 50

As far as hair color trends this year are concerned, we can calmly say that gray is presentable again and hipper than ever. So why not combine two of the biggest hairstyle trends and opt for an undercut for gray hair? The haircut originated back in the 80s in the punk rock youth culture and has something rebellious and unusual about it. As the name suggests, it involves shaving off the hair either at the nape of the neck or on the sides. The result is a feminine yet sassy haircut that will instantly set you apart from the crowd.

Who does the undercut for women over 50 suit?

Pixie cut for older women undercut for gray hair pictures

And here’s the good news! It exists, the perfect short hairstyle that suits all face shapes and hair types! Whether oval, rectangular, round faces or as a hairstyle from 50 with glasses – there is the right undercut hairstyle for every woman! Whether glamorous, punky, feminine or undone look – the hair trend is extremely changeable and always looks super exciting.

How is the short hairstyle maintained?

Grey blending hairstyle trend 2022 bob with undercut for women over 50 (1)

The undercut for gray hair is on trend – that’s for sure. But before you take the plunge and go for it, you should think twice. Once the hairdresser has shaved off the hair, it will remain short for the time being – and for several months. The hair grows on average about 1.5 centimeters per month and to achieve the length of the remaining hair, a lot of patience is required. In order for the cut to keep its shape and look well-groomed, regular visits to the hairdresser are an absolute must. So, according to experts, you should have the undercut recut every four to five weeks.

The bob with undercut for women over 50

Pixie cut for gray hair undercut hairstyle women over 50 images

Now that you know what makes the iconic haircut, it’s time to see how stunning and beautiful it can be. Whether blunt, with bangs or a fringed bob, the timeless classic is back in vogue and continues to enchant us with its many and exciting variations. Our absolute favorite this year? The bob with undercut for gray hair, of course! The haircut looks bold and provides a youthful and fresh look in an instant.

Bob with undercut gray hair short hairstyles for older women

Also in terms of styling, the bob with undercut for women over 50 is a real chameleon and is extremely versatile. Typical for the short hairstyle is that the top hair is longer than the lower part of the hair. Whether on the sides or on the back of the head is actually purely a matter of taste – anything you like is allowed. If you prefer to approach the 2022 hair trend slowly, then opt for an undercut at the nape of the neck, which you can always hide with the rest of your hair.

The Pixie with undercut for gray hair

Pixie with undercut for gray hair hairstyle trends summer 2022

Quickly styled, very easy to maintain and super chic – we love the Pixie Cut! This timeless classic is extremely versatile and clear proof that short hairstyles for ladies over 50 are anything but boring and stuffy. Just because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The pixie with undercut for gray hair is a great way to make a statement with your haircut. The bold haircut definitely catches the eye and perfectly sets off our facial features.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 Pixie Cut with bangs

Do you have thin hair and want to make it look a little fuller? Then you are in the best place with the Pixie with Undercut! To create more volume, it’s best to opt for a side undercut and combine the hairstyle with bangs. The rest of the hair you can style as you like. Whether straight, curly or slightly tousled – the pixie for gray hair is always a great eye-catcher.

The most beautiful undercut hairstyles for women over 50

Undercut and Sidecut difference short hairstyles women over 50

The undercut with curls provides a bold and modern touch

Curly hairstyles women over 50 undercut for gray hair hairstyle trend summer 2022

Different patterns transform the short hairstyle for women over 50 into real eye-catcher

Undercut gray hair short hairstyles trends summer 2022

A few colored highlights for a touch of liveliness

Undercut women over 50 short hairstyles older ladies pictures

The undercut for women over 50 has something really cool and rebellious

are gray hair trend undercut women over 50 pictures

Do not be afraid to experiment with different variations

Undercut for gray hair Long Pixie Cut for women over 50

The cheeky short hairstyle comes across very versatile and always looks stylish

Short hairstyles women over 50 pixie with undercut for gray hair