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U Shape Cut: Who does the trend hairstyle suit and why it is so good for both thick and thin hair

When it comes to fresh new haircut trends, we’re really spoiled for choice. There’s the stylish “Sachel” (a cross between the messy shag and the heavily layered Rachel cut of the ’90s), the Italian bob (a style with chunky ends that’s best worn in the natural wave of the hair), and the curly crop (a super-short style that looks great with curls). As we transition into fall, our obsession with voluminous hair will not wane. So, if you’re not a fan of heavy tiers and don’t want to cut off inches, a subtle U-shape cut may be the best option to achieve the fullness you desire.

What is the U-Shape Cut?

U-Shape Cut - Who does this trend hairstyle suit

Hairdressers will know that the U-Shape Cut is nothing new. But in recent weeks, the technique has reached viral TikTok status thanks to a handful of stylists showing off their latest work (not to mention clients obsessed with their new look).

So, what exactly is the U-shape haircut? The U-Shape Cut is just that – a graduated cut that creates a soft U-shape from the back. The hair has been graduated to relieve pressure on the sides and baseline. The result is a flattering, curved hairstyle that is full of movement and fullness.

Imagine if all your hair was the same length and the ends were chunky, but if you cut it in a U-shape, you’ll get a much softer finish. Of course, chunky ends have their uses and work well if you’re going for a style like the boyfriend bob. But if you want more movement (and a fuller finish), then the U-shape haircut may be just what you need.

Who does this trendy hairstyle suit and what are the benefits?

The U-shape cut creates a flattering hairstyle that is full of movement and fullness

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, the main advantage of the U-shaped haircut is that it makes thin hair look much thicker. A handful of U-shaped curls instantly adds fullness, as the shorter sides fall nicely over the longer ones.

The U-shape cut is a good all-rounder. You can play with the length and go from the shoulder blades to the center back. A great aspect of the U-cut is that it has face-framing layers that add dimension to the hair and don’t make it look limp. You can choose the amount of layers and even combine it with bangs or textured bangs. This way, even people with finer hair can get thickness and volume.

The U-shape haircut looks beautiful both straight and curly, but most stylists blow dry the hair vigorously to emphasize both the layers and the U-curve. If that’s not your style, subtle beachy waves also enhance the intended fullness in a U-shape cut.

The U-Shape Cut also works if you have thicker hair

Alternatively, the U-shape haircut also works if you have thicker hair. You have the option of adding many more layers to the lengths to reduce weight. This also gives thick hair, texture and movement so it doesn’t sit heavy on your shoulders.

How do you style a U-shape cut?

How to style a U-Shape Cut

This haircut looks fantastic with all hair colors, but some techniques highlight the layers even better. Balayage and ombre trends are very popular in salons right now. These dark and light hairstyles are perfect for a U-Shape Cut, as the layers and different lengths show off the color nuances beautifully.

Waves complement the gentle curve that the haircut creates with the ends of your hair. Use a curling iron to create a loose, textured wave. Simply take small sections of hair and wrap them around the wand at different angles. Before you start using the heat, spray a thermal detangling product that conditions the hair without weighing it down. It protects all hair types from being dried out by hot tools. Then, run a coarse-toothed comb or soft-bristled brush through the hair for a looser, more voluminous look.

You may be more the type to let your hair air dry, but you can also easily style this cut with a heatless method. After towel drying, spray sea salt spray into your hair and comb through – and you’re good to go. Alternatively, use a diffuser to create natural waves and volume without excessive heat.

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How do you care for this trendy hairstyle?

The U-shape haircut looks beautiful both straight and curly

With any layered cut, it’s best to have it trimmed regularly to maintain the style. Hairstylists recommend visiting a salon every six to eight weeks to remove split ends.

@virginia_ongkili Lagi haircut keminatan kamoo???? The official name for this haircut is Oval U-Shaped Layer. Always the perfect combination with Curtain Bangs haircut???? thx for having me ♬ LALISA – 리사 (LISA)

How should you ask your hairdresser about a U-shape haircut? Show him pictures or videos of cuts you like. You can also ask for soft layers all around, a nice U-shape for fullness and a general cut to get rid of dead ends. Fortunately, all qualified hairdressers are well versed in this particular trend.

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