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Trend or totally gaga? Lorde wears her hair as a scarf

Fall time is scarf time! While we prefer to wrap ourselves in cozy wool models, singer Lorde presented at an event in New York now a neck warmer of a different kind – a scarf consisting of her own hair!

In a strapless, peach-colored dress with pleats and color-coordinated make-up, singer Lorde walked the red carpet of the Guggenheim International Gala. However, it was not so much her designer dress from the Dior Fall/Winter 2018 collection that caught the eye, but rather a rather special accessory: her hairstyle! Lorde’s waist-length wallemähne was by Hairstylist Cameron Rains näm unceremoniously converted into an extravagant scarf:

Lorde in a Dior dress
Unconventional, but somehow practical: Lorde’s neck-warmer hairstylePhoto: Getty Images

In autumnal New York with airy dress, the idiosyncratic hairstyle was certainly not the worst idea, the thick Mähne dürfte quite gewärmt. But: The "Hair Scarf", as stylist Rains called it on his Instagram account, Lorde wore in the end probably not for functional reasons, the attention of the photographers present was so sure in any case. Whether the scarf hairstyle will also be on the trend lists? Wait and see.

Lorde’s hair scarf nachstylen – so goes’s

If you want to try the hair scarf à la Lorde, you can do it with just a few simple steps. Rains lüftete on Instagram the secret behind his hairstyle creation – and it is actually styled more simple than one would assume at first glance: Simply part your hair in the middle, cross both halves of your hair at the front of your neck and tie them together at the nape of your neck with a thin braid – that’s it. However, it needs at least waist-length hair, so that you do not have to buckle your own hair scarf too tightly. And: Be sure to use conditioner beforehand so that the mane is supple and nothing scratches unpleasantly!

For Lorde, the scarf hairstyle was only short-lived, later in the evening she had obviously had enough of the unconventional look. On the stage, the singer, whose album Solar Power was released in August of this year, performed without a scarf, but with two braided pigtails on the sides.