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Trend hairstyles medium length 2022: The Medium Wolf Cut is the most versatile trend of the summer!

When it comes to hairstyles, the hair fashion of the past is back in a big way. The medium length trend hairstyle in summer 2022 is called Medium Wolf Cut and according to hairstylists, it is the defining look of Gen Z.

The hottest hairstyle trend 2022 for medium length hair

Wolf Cut and Micro Bangs Trend Hairstyle Summer 2022 Gen Z

You’re probably familiar with the time-honored tradition in the TikTok beauty world, where trends from the past are discovered and introduced to Generation Z as if they were created just yesterday. It’s the definition of cross-generational entertainment – the kids get to experiment with something new every day, and it’s fun for the elders to see a new take on their old looks. And for better or worse, you can also feel a certain schadenfreude when you see a new generation quietly repeating our beauty mistakes, as is the case with outlined lips and eyebrows shaved into shape, for example.

Hair trend summer 2022 medium wolf cut shoulder length

A TikTok trend is taking over heads this summer and we love it because it looks familiar and super fresh at the same time. We are talking about the Medium Wolf Cut – an update of the nostalgic 2021 trend. As the name suggests, the new trend hairstyle is suitable for medium length hair. The haircut is reminiscent of Stevie Nicks in the 1970s, with a touch of Jon Bon Jovi from the early 90s. Before the trend landed on TikTok, she toured with Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. Its influences are so diverse that it takes experts to properly identify it.

What makes the medium wolf cut stand out?

Shaggy Wolf Cut for medium length hair

The hip wolf cut is a hybrid cut that combines the choppy layers of a shag hairstyle with the length and texture from a mullet on medium length hair. Therefore, to the untrained eye, it looks like the similar cuts from which it is derived, but it is a completely different look and style.

Trend hairstyles medium length tiered for thick hair

Several eras can be seen in this cut at the same time. With its shag-like look, it reminds us of the 70s, while the extra tiered, edgy parts are very reminiscent of the grunge hairstyles of the 90s. There is also a hint of the emo culture of the 2000s. This could explain exactly why this haircut has lasted through the decades, transforming into a contemporary version of itself with each generation, including Generation Z. This hairstyle is also very popular among celebrities – Keke Palmer, Rita Ora, Maisie Williams and many others have tried the stylish cut.

Wolf Cut vs. Medium Wolf – what are the differences?

Miley Cyrus trend hairstyle medium length layered with bangs

But how does the new trend hairstyle differ from its predecessor from 2021 ? The Medium Wolf Cut starts around the shoulders and works its way up to the cheekbones or the eyes, with layers going around the head. The original Wolf Cut focused mainly on the face and just below the jaw.

Summer hair trend medium wolf cut straight hair

With medium length hair, the wolf haircut transforms into a more subtle version as the top and bottom layers are more blended together. The medium length cut is also more suitable for some people because it blends more and is less stylized than shorter lengths. The medium wolf cut is all about layering and enhancing volume, especially at the crown.

Shoulder length hair trend summer 2022

Hairstylists love the trend because of its versatility. It allows you to wear slightly longer hair and still achieve the edgy shag look on your face. Although the medium length wolf cut is best worn wild and unstyled to emphasize its wolfish appeal, it is still long enough to be styled for different occasions.

Who does the hairstyle suit?

Medium Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs for curly hair

This cut is not for people with very thin or fine hair. After all, to create a strong layered cut, you need a certain hair density.

The medium version of the Wolf Cut goes well with straight, wavy and curly hair, but best with thick, naturally textured hair. The built-in volume and added bounce perfectly complement the cut’s distinct layers.

Trend hairstyles medium length 2022 Wolf Cut for older women

The Medium Wolf Cut is a fantastic choice for a cool, trendy haircut. It best suits women under the age of 25 who want to look bold and edgy, but can also create a sassy look for older women. If you want to try the trend, it is important to visit a hairdresser who has experience with such fringy cuts. Special attention is required for curly and frizzy hair. Since hair with such texture shrinks, it is important to cut these hair types dry. This will ensure that the strands will long exactly where they belong.

When it comes to face shape, the Medium Wolf Cut works magic on round, diamond or oval faces . The haircut enhances the movement and texture of the hair and emphasizes the eyes, cheekbones and jawline.

How to style the Medium Wolf Cut in everyday life.

Medium Wolf Cut for straight hair

To style your freshly cut Medium Wolf, start with a prep while still shampooing. While doing so, use good hair care that defines texture and curl.

Since this hairstyle needs some bounce at the crown, those with naturally wavy or curly hair can start by blow drying at the roots. For finer or straight hair, create some volume at the roots first and then use a medium or large curling iron to create waves in the steps.

Who suits this trend hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Since texture is key, texture sprays are a good choice to make the hairstyle last. After application, briefly run your fingers through the hair, kneading and twisting the strands for extra volume.