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Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair: these haircuts for ladies will spice up your look in the new year

New Year, new happiness and one or the other good resolution… With New Year comes not infrequently also the desire for change and a new hairstyle is here at the top of the list. Do you also feel the need for a new haircut and especially a short haircut? Or is your hair already short, but you would like to spice it up a bit, but don’t quite know how? You could go by the 2023 trend hairstyles for short hair after all! Here they are:

What is in vogue in the new year

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair - Bowl Cut with micro bangs

Not only the voluntary desire for an external change quickly leads to a short hairstyle. Sometimes this is also the best and easiest solution to bring stressed, brittle and tired hair back to life. It’s not without reason that hairdressers love to reach for their scissors. From very short at ear level to shoulder length, trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair offer quite versatile choices.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair – Boy Cuts in many variations

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair - Boys Cut with a Pixie

Boy Cuts, as you can probably already guess, refer to cuts that are actually more typical for boys and men. They have a masculine touch , but are otherwise still adapted to look feminine. Such haircuts usually extend to about ear level and can vary in length until there.

Short haircut combined with sidecut or undercut

For example, the pixie cut is very popular, ranging from very short to “long”, but the pot cut has also attracted positive attention in recent years, of course, with an upgrade. The hairstyles can be worn with bangs or just without, wonderfully styled with gel and even refreshed with simple dry shampoo, if there is no time for hair washing and styling. The under or side cut can also be integrated into a boy cut.

Short haircuts for women are in trend - These haircuts are in vogue

The boy cut returns and more beautiful than ever

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair - bob for straight and wavy hair

Longer than the boy cut, but not yet down to the shoulders, the bob represents the wonderful middle ground of too short and too long. What are its typical characteristics?

Bowl cut for women with highlights and bangs

Firstly, it is important that it presents symmetry. A real bob is cut equally long and straight on all sides and always accurately styled afterwards. But, of course, it is your hair and you are welcome to make changes according to your taste and this is also proven by the new versions of these trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair. Originally, people wore their hair straight as an eel, in the first place, the look was intended only for straight hair. But today, a few gentle waves are also allowed to provide variety and pizzazz every now and then.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair – from short to medium length with the cheeky mullet

Trend hairstyles 2023 for short hair - Mullet with steps for thin and thick hair

A little longer it is usually with the peppy mullet , but even with shorter hair the fringy look can be achieved wonderfully. Either way, the main thing is to keep the hair shorter in the front sections and leave it longer towards the back, while in between as many steps as possible give the look the final touch.

Short mullet with longer hair at the back of the head

The small but subtle difference to the mullet of yesteryear? Volume is no longer an obligation and a goal in the renewed trend hairstyle for ladies, so even ladies with fine hair may dare to try the hairstyle. So if you are afraid that the steps might make your hair look even thinner (which would be the case), just reduce the amount. It can also be a little smoother – in line with the sleek trend.