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Trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer: these are the most beautiful hairstyle trends that are very high in this season!

Summer is the time of freedom and a new beginning – also in terms of styling and fashion. For us, the most beautiful season of the year is the perfect time for a little hairstyle update. Hair trends 2022 are more versatile and exciting than ever before, but with so much to choose from, it’s easy to lose track. Should it be a bob? Or would you prefer a cheeky pixie? And what if we’re not ready for such a radical change? Of course, the most important thing is that the cut flatters our facial features and fits our own style. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to keep up with the latest hairstyle trends. The next visit to the hairdresser is just around the corner and you do not know what to do with your hair? Then you should definitely read on and get inspired by the coolest trend hairstyles 2022 for summer! Whether it’s a wedge cut, nape bob, shaggy lob or razor bangs – there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Trend hairstyles summer 2022: The wedge cut as a hairstyle trend

Victoria Beckham hairstyles short hair wedge cut trend hairstyle summer 2022

Short, long, with undercut or choppy bob – the bob with all its variations is and remains a timeless classic among short hairstyles. The cult haircut is constantly being reinvented, but this season it is getting some serious competition. Chic, cool and easy to maintain – the wedge cut is THE hairstyle trend for summer 2022 and has already taken the fashion world by storm. The hairstyle is actually not a new invention and was already really popular in the 70s and late 90s. Thanks to style icon Victoria Beckham, the cut reappeared in 2007 and is making a big comeback 15 years later.

short hair hairstyles trends wedge cut trend hairstyle summer 2022

Typical for the wedge cut are logically the short hair, which is gently stepped at the nape. Similar to the asymmetrical bob, the top hair remains slightly longer, but fills out extremely airy and light due to the special cutting technique. As far as styling is concerned, the sky is the limit! But the summer trend hairstyle wedge cut comes out especially well with silky smooth hair, which is gently blow-dried inwards with a round brush. This gives our mane an extra portion of fullness and volume.

Hairstyle trends for short hair: Shaggy Pixie

Summer 2022 trend hairstyles short hair the shaggy pixie hair trend

You love to experiment with your hairstyles and are not afraid of radical changes? Then may we introduce you to your new favorite look? Chic, bold and a real eye-catcher – the Shaggy Pixie is undoubtedly one of the coolest hairstyle trends in the summer of 2022. As the name suggests, it is a hybrid of two retro classics – the Shag and the Pixie Cut.

Shaggy Pixie summer 2022 trend hairstyle short hair with bangs

With the Shaggy Pixie, the hair is heavily parted from the crown to the tips. And similar to the Pixie, the hair remains slightly longer at the nape and can be thinned out a bit with a razor, depending on your preference. To further emphasize the rocky touch, the hairstyle is worn slightly disheveled in an undone look – perfect, then, for those who don’t have the time or desire for elaborate styling. The Shaggy Pixie can also be wonderfully combined with a long, fringed fringe and definitely becomes a real eye-catcher. And the best thing? The hairstyle trend suits absolutely every woman perfectly. The bangs and the steps make angular faces look softer and are also ideal for concealing a high or wide forehead.

Nape Bob is THE trend hairstyle 2022 for short hair

Nape Bob Trend Hairstyle Summer Short Hairstyles Trends 2022

And what would the hairstyle trends for summer 2022 be without at least one bob variant? It’s been impossible to imagine our heads without the timeless classic for years now, and this season it’s coming out even fancier. Saying: the Nape Bob. The word “Nape” comes from English and means something like “neck”. And that actually explains pretty much everything – with the Nape Bob, our hair reaches the nape of our neck and is usually cut to one length. The blunt haircut adds extra volume and dynamism, which makes the Nape Bob perfect for all fashion girls with thin hair.

The shaggy lob is on trend

Summer 2022 trend hairstyles medium length hair shaggy lob hair trend

You want to refresh your haircut only very subtly? Then the shaggy lob is your best bet as a trendy hairstyle for summer 2022. Neither too short, nor too long – the haircut delivers and the best of both worlds and is definitely one of the most beautiful and easy-care hairstyle trends of the season. The hair ends at about collarbone height and is strongly stepped through, as with the shag. As a result, the hairstyle visually gains volume and the hair feels wonderfully refreshing and light. The shaggy lob lives from its casualness and the styling takes less than 10 minutes – sounds to us like the perfect hairstyle for the summer months, right? Just lightly shape the hair with some hair gel or conjure up gentle beach waves with a curling iron and you’re good to go.

Layered hair as one of the biggest hairstyle trends in summer 2022.

Layered Hair hairstyle trend summer 2022 trend hairstyles medium long hair

Dull and accurately cut hair is a thing of the past. The trend hairstyles for summer 2022 are all about lightness and freshness. Fringy and cheeky layered cuts have been coming back into focus in the fashion world time and again for decades and are celebrating a big comeback this year. This doesn’t actually mean a specific haircut, but rather the cutting technique. Layered hair as a hairstyle trend thus works for both short and long hair and is ideal for those who just want a subtle change.

Razor bangs as a fringe trend in summer 2022.

what are razor bangs summer 2022 trend hairstyles

A badly cut fringe can really spoil your mood – we all know that. Although bangs hairstyles are a real love-hate relationship, they are still a cool way to give our hairstyle a refreshing update. Unlike accurate-cut fringes, this year we’re opting for a more breezy and casual version. Razor bangs are the most casual fringe hairstyle for summer 2022 and have already conquered the hearts of everything fashionistas. In this case, the hair is cut not with scissors, but with a fine razor and the ends of the hair fall somewhat unevenly into the forehead.

Razor Bangs hair trend summer 2022 trend hairstyles medium length hair

Why we love the Razor Bangs as one of the biggest hairstyle trends in 2022? The fringe hairstyle suits absolutely every face shape and can be beautifully combined with any haircut. Whether with a sassy pixie, a bob, shag or a long mane – the casual fringe hairstyle always cuts a great figure.

Hairstyle trends summer 2022: French Girl Blowout for more volume

French Girl Blowout trend hairstyles summer 2022 which hairstyles for long hair

Volume, volume and even more volume – this is the best way to describe the trend hairstyles for summer 2022. Voluminous, 70s-inspired hairstyles à la Farrah Fawcett are making a big comeback this year and exude timeless elegance. In contrast to back then, the French Girl Blowout looks a bit more casual and features a subtle undone look. This hairstyle trend also works perfectly with both short and long hair and is totally uncomplicated to style.

summer trend hairstyles 2022 french girl blowout style

A blow dryer, a round brush and 15 minutes of time – that’s all you need for the French Girl Blowout. First, blow dry your hair lightly overhead and then blow dry small strands lightly inward with the round brush. To keep your hair nice and shiny and healthy, be sure to use a heat protector. To give the trend hairstyle an interesting and playful touch, you can conjure up individual curls in your hair.

is the middle parting in trend summer 2022 trend hairstyles medium long hair