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Trend hairstyles 2022 for summer: these trendy haircuts are upbeat, airy and summery at the same time

While it’s easy to lose the desire to style in winter, the first rays of sunshine in spring and especially the sunny summer ensure that our styling potential is running at full speed. Summer is time for parties, beaches, festivals or simple afternoons at your favorite ice cream parlor. And for all these situations, of course, you need the right hairstyle. The one that doesn’t heat up even more in the heat, that doesn’t constantly fly around in your face while dancing at parties or stick to your skin when rubbed with sunscreen. It should be airy, loose, upbeat and fashionable. Combining all that sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it? We’ve rounded up the 2022 trend hairstyles for summer once today to prove to you that there’s not just one perfect summer hairstyle. Try something new to give you just the confidence you need during the long-awaited summer months!

Hairstyle trends 2022 – These summer hairstyles are simply stunning!

Trend Hairstyles 2022 for Summer - Ideas for summery, airy haircuts

Long hair makes our necks sweat and that is anything but pleasant. So if you want to avoid the problem, you’ll have to constantly resort to updos, ponytails and the like. So it’s no wonder that short hairstyles are among the most popular haircuts for the summer months – whether it’s the shag, the rebel cut or the timeless bob haircut – anything above the shoulders is currently optimal. What are the trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer?

Current hairstyles for women – The Blunt Bob

A cut that frames the face perfectly, and a length that lets the hair sway loosely back and forth, and thus cools the neck in the best way – the Blunt Bob is cut straight and looks so very accurate, because steps are dispensed with here. However, the length can vary and reaches sometimes to the chin, sometimes even to the collarbone. Especially straight and fine hair benefit from this hair trend, because it makes them look fuller.

Blunt bangs as a combination idea

Blunt bob with bangs for straight hair with a straight cut

Also best suited for straight hair are the blunt bangs as trendy hairstyles for 2022, i.e. straight-cut ponies that can add the finishing touch to the face-framing hairstyle. The bangs here can be thick and dense, but also thinner cut and vary in length – short or up to the cheekbones it may go. Admittedly, a fringe is not necessarily ideal on a hot day, but for the cooler evening hours it is perfect for any outfit, whether sporty, girly or elegant. And during the day, it can be easily pinned up or hidden with a headband.

Trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer – The Micro-Bob

Trend hairstyles 2022 for summer - Daring micro bob and bangs.

The blunt bob is a little too long for you? Then opt for a shorter version of the popular bob hairstyle, which also requires a little more courage. It’s one of those ’90s hairstyles that’s coming back in 2022 – more upbeat, more modern and even chicer! To pass as a micro bob, it must not fall short of the chin in length, but vary in cut – at will both straight and accurate as with the blunt or casual, upbeat and messy with fringes and steps.

A wild summer time with a Rebel Cut

Short Wolf Cut as a representative of the Rebel Haircut

The Rebel Cut is not a specific hairstyle, but refers to all those that are a bit wilder, more daring and eye-catching. And they are all super modern:

  • Wolf cut
  • Shag cut
  • Mullet
  • Octopus Haircut
  • Mohawk

If all this is too daring or too big a change for you, you can also implement this variant of the trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer in a gentler way – namely with wigs. They also belong to the rebellious hairstyles and can be chosen depending on the outfit and desired style – today like this, tomorrow different again.

Jawline Cuts are current trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer

Trend hairstyles 2022 for summer - The Jawline Cut runs along the jawline

The classic version belongs to the blunt cuts mentioned above. It is straight cut and ends along the jawline. This is like the makeup trend where the contours of the face are skillfully emphasized, except that here just the hair is used for this purpose. If this is still a bit too plain for you, you can also choose the asymmetrical version instead, where the short side runs at chin level, or along the jaw, and then gets longer and longer towards the other side.

Asymmetrical Jawline haircut for face contouring

With straight hair, the Jawline Cut works particularly well, however, curly heads may also dare. However, so that the look here does not become too voluminous due to the shortness, it is best to incorporate a few steps.

Bixies as trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer

Trend hairstyles 2022 for summer - The Bixie is a combination of Bob and Pixie

You find the Pixie totally cute, but somehow still too short? How good that you can always combine several trendy hairstyles and adapt them to your own taste. Pixie and bob in one, called Bixie , is the golden mean – neither too short, nor too long. Whether freshly cut or as a transition from a former Pixie to longer hair, it is very versatile. But also the other way around, if you first want to get used to short hair carefully, it is perfect. And you will probably sweat less with trend hairstyles 2022 for the summer like this.

Hair down to the collarbone with the clavy cut

Olivia Palermo's clavy cut goes down to the collarbone

A hairstyle that is longer again and suits all hair textures is the clavy cut. The hair length reaches up to the collarbone and looks fashionable, elegant and feminine. This makes the hair long enough for a wide variety of stylings such as ponytails , chignon, half-open hairstyles or braids, so you can tuck it away comfortably when needed. And although the hairstyle also looks perfect with a side parting, we recommend you to go for the center parting, because it is also back and part of the trend hairstyles 2022 for summer. Or how about a fringe to go with it?