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Trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies: These summer stylings will get you through the heat and are easily done

Almost every woman likes to wear her hair open, without question. After all, this looks very womanly and also goes with any outfit and styling. And with as much care as you invest in your long hair, you finally want to show off your hair splendor. But then there are certain periods where you just want your hair out of your face and neck. One of these said periods is summer, which you spend not only at the beach or pool, but also in the city – and how uncomfortable it is when your neck gets sweaty! Breezy hairstyles are the solution and we’ll show you how the classics turn into the perfect 2022 trend hairstyles for women. What’s in style?

Braided pigtails are perfect for summer, the beach and the pool

Trend hairstyles 2022 for women - felcht hairstyles like the Boxer Braids for summer styling

Braided pigtails are not only suitable for tying the entire hair in a chic way . They can also serve as accents in other hairstyles. Here are a few hairstyles for 2022, which are not new, but always remain in trend, respectively conquer our heads anew.

Baby braids set cute accents

Trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies - baby braids are back as an accent in the hair

These are thin braids that mainly decorate the front parts and frame the face and have been totally hip again since last year – and not only for beach vacations, but also for everyday life. If the look is too girly for you, you can also simply combine them with a ponytail or chignon and tuck them away, making them a casual accent.

Trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies – Braided with extensions

Trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies - braid braids with extensions

In our post about trend hairstyles 2022 for summer, we already mentioned that wigs are very trendy and the perfect alternative to the daring Rebel Cuts. However, extensions can be used in the same way – just weave them into the braid to get thicker braids or to add accents.

Rope braids – effective and simple at the same time

Braid Rope Braid yourself for a cool summer hairstyle

The so-called Rope Braid is a variation of the braid in which you do not braid in the actual sense. Instead, the strands are twisted in an interesting way. This seems a bit confusing at first, but it’s really easy and quick to do once you get the hang of it. Especially compared to the French braid, it is quite simple. The hair comes out of the face in such a stylish way and you can enjoy the sun rays in the best way. You can also use cord braids to create trendy boxer braids.

Trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies – beach waves not only for the beach

Beach Waves for the perfect casual summer hairstyle

Don’t be put off by the name – beach waves are also suitable for everyday use and for any hair length, although if you have long hair you might prefer to go for a summery updo. The good news is that the casual waves still look their best in a ponytail or a semi-open hairstyle.

Wearing chignon hairstyles in summer

Trend hairstyles 2022 for women - The chignon in all variations for the summer

Yes, yes, you probably already wear the popular Messy Bun (or the trendy Octopus Bun ) almost every day anyway. After all, it is the perfect hairstyle not only for home, but also for a stroll around town or even for work. And when you consider that it can be tied in no time and without styling products, it’s no wonder. But how about investing a little more time every now and then to conjure up an alternative? From casual to sporty-elegant to classy, the chignon can exude just about any style.

Trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies - chignon from a braided plait

You can incorporate braids, or let a few strands hang out, wear the chignon sometimes higher, sometimes in the neck, decorate it with barrettes, ribbons and scarves, or combine it with a half-open hairstyle. A little more elegant than the Messy Bun, but almost as quickly made is the Sleek Bun , in which you straighten the hair with the help of gel, in the spirit of Wet Hair Style (another cool hairstyle that is trendy, as you will learn in a moment). So, as you can see, frocks are the perfect trend hairstyles 2022 for ladies in summer!

No season is complete without the ponytail

The ponytail smooth and elegant or casual and messy

The classic hairstyle par excellence is and always will be the ponytail, and this is especially true for summer when you want a breezy neck all day long. Like the chignon, the ponytail can be styled in a variety of ways to suit any outfit, style and occasion. Wear it high on your head or elegant and low on your neck. Decorate it with ribbons or bows, use barrettes , original hair elastics or braids to spice up the look. The hairstyle may be sometimes messy, sometimes sleek and classy and can be combined with bangs, curls and extensions. A real all-round talent!

Wet hair looks are trendy hairstyles 2022 for ladies in summer

Wet look with loose strands for the beach or everyday life

Whether worn open or as a chignon or ponytail as mentioned above, the sleek look is perfect for summer, no wonder, it also looks like you just came out of the sea or pool. However, don’t imagine those stiff strands that people used to wear. Today, the wet look looks more natural and loose, and can even feature waves. So if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you don’t have to desperately straighten it, but leave it with the natural structure – because the more interesting the look will be!

Style a summer hairstyle in sleek look with waves