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Trend comeback! How block strands will be worn in 2021

Not every hair trend of the late 90s or early 00s has what it takes to make a comeback hairstyle. Nevertheless, the block strands of yesteryear are celebrating a revival – especially because they no longer look like the “zebra look” and are now called chunky highlights or money pieces. Tikbow takes a closer look at the new-old trend.

A wide, blond bar in the hair on the right and left and you’re done with block strands! At the beginning of the new millennium, fashionable women like Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera were already opting for the brightly blonded, wide highlights. Back then, this was not always really advantageous – and therefore the 2021 variant is implemented in a much more harmonious way. Meaning: The times of the many, medium-thick block strands in the hair are over, now the focus is on two chunky highlights that frame the face. The advantage: the facial features look softer, the hairstyle brightened and fresh.

What will blocksträhnen look like in 2021?

There are two ways to do this: Either the whole thing is colored with a soft gradient – ähnlich as with balayage and is then called Money Pieces in the end. Or you can opt for the more extreme style with hard contrasts and two highlights in the front, which do justice to the name Blocksträhnen.

Money Pieces

Especially with dark hair, it makes sense to leave out the roots when bleaching and to go for a softer color gradient – if only so that you don’t have to re-tint so often. Dark, regrowing roots will be visible again about a week after bleaching if there is no transition.

For a natural block strand look, it is best to choose a shade that is only a few shades lighter than the base color of your hair – this makes the look a touch more harmonious. And: To ensure that the color gradient is really even, it’s best to let a professional do it.

Xenia Adonts with block strähnen
Fashion pro Xenia Adonts also goes for the light version of the chunky look. Photo by Getty Images

Chunky highlights in the extreme variant

If you want a more stark look, deliberately go for contrasts: pitch black hair, very bright chunky highlights – with the right styling plus attitude, this trend works too.

With dark blond mane, the look does not look quite as extreme – but is no less stylish. In any case, the block strands should be really wide and uniformly colored from the base.

You can also do the look yourself at home with a little practice: Simply separate two thick front strands on the left and right, apply the bleach to the lengths first, wrap with aluminum foil and let it work in – the exposure time varies from bleach to bleach. If a clear color difference is already visible in the lengths, the base follows. Apply the bleach again, let it take effect, wash it out, and if necessary, use a cool toner to eliminate the yellow tint – done. For the work with blondierung it needs however a certain Haarfärbe know-how – in the doubt is always worth the course to the professional!