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Trend Alert! So chic looks the new hairstyle trend Razor Cut Bob!

They exist – the haircuts that always look great and will simply never go out of style. Whether Bob with Undercut 2021, Stacked Bob or Elongated Bob – the bob with all its variations and facets is undoubtedly THE classic par excellence. The beloved look is reinvented again and again and fortunately continues to stay with us for the coming season. It’s a cut that we’ve all tried at least once and that has made going to the hairdresser a thousand times easier. But just when we thought we’ve seen it all, there’s a new trend hairstyle that has conquered the hearts of all fashionistas and fashion girls. Magic word: razor cut bob! The straight cut lines were seen everywhere on the catwalks and have thus become the biggest hairstyle trend in winter 2021. But enough talk! Give your mane a refreshing touch and find out exactly what the Razor Bob looks like here!

Razor cut bob: what makes the trend hairstyle?

what is a razor cut bob trend hairstyles 2022 short hair

Minimalist, clean and incredibly stylish – we are not surprised that the Razor Cut Bob is one of the coolest trend hairstyles for 2022. Numerous celebrities and models have already fallen for the trend and immediately adopted the modern look. The haircut is characterized by a completely straight base line and the optimal length is between the shoulder and the chin. With the Razor Cut Bob, the tips are feathered out in the last 3-4 centimeters or accurately shaved off with a razor. This particular cutting technique makes our mane feel much lighter and more vibrant, and the front strands of hair frame the face in a very flattering way.

Trend hairstyles 2022 for short hair Razor Cut Bob with Bangs

In order for the Razor Cut Bob to really come into its own and for the hair not to move out too much, it should definitely not rest on the shoulder. Elegant, rocking and at the same time extremely feminine – it is the perfect hairstyle for those who want a subtle and modern change or to refresh your look a little. To make your mane look even more vibrant and full, feel free to add slight steps in the front if you like. Especially for women with fine hair, a layered cut provides ample volume and fullness. The Razor Cut Bob is ultra versatile and can be easily adapted to any style and hair type – what’s not to love?

Who can wear the trend hairstyle?

Trend hairstyles 2021 Razor Cut Bof for fine hair

No matter if we are 30 or 50 years old – it is a woman’s birthright to look elegant and beautiful in her own way. Needless to say, our hairstyle can either perfect or completely ruin the overall look. Therefore, it is important to choose a cut that will best showcase our assets. As any hairstylist will tell you, the most important part of any hairstyle is the fitting. Due to its sharp edge, the Razor Cut Bob is recommended for round and oval face shapes. On angular and square faces, on the other hand, the overall look might seem too harsh in some cases. To make the look a little more flattering and softer, you can have slight steps cut in the front of the contour if you wish. This will make the hair fall softer and add a little texture.

How to style the razor cut bob?

Razor cut bob hairstyle trend winter 2021 short hairstyles fine hair

One haircut – numerous different looks. The Razor Cut Bob is a true multi-talent and is ideally suited for all conceivable styling options. Whether sleek and polished or casual and with gentle curls – the trend hairstyle always looks beautiful. For a natural look as if you just came from the beach, you can simply let your mane air dry. You want more volume? Then blow dry your hair with a round brush and apply some volumizing powder.

Razor cut bob hairstyle pictures haircuts for short thin hair

To make the sharp edge of the Razor Cut Bob stand out, we recommend blow-drying your hair straight with a Paddle Brush. Once they are really dry, you can help a little with a straightening iron. To avoid split ends and hair breakage, you should definitely not forget the heat protection. This will create a super polished and modern look that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Razor cut bob pictures trend hairstyles for short hair 2021

The Razor Cut Bob lives from its casualness and playfulness. Therefore, when styling "less is more". To maintain the easy look, don’t use too many styling products and focus only on the essentials. However, before you decide to go for the Razor Cut Bob and cut your mane, you should know that the hairstyle requires regular haircuts. As a rule, you should have the ends of your hair trimmed every 3-4 weeks.

Asymmetrical Razored Bob

Make fine hair thicker haircuts razor cut bob hairstyle

The A-line bob has always been a crowd favorite. So why not combine two trend hairstyles together? The asymmetrical Razor Cut Bob is a great way to spice up your look and also makes your hair look instantly more voluminous and full. The perfect choice for all fashion girls who want to make their fine hair thicker!

Also with a fringe the trend hairstyle looks perfect

Razor Cut Bob with Bangs Trend Hairstyles 2022

Chic, bold and at the same time very elegant – the Razor Cut Bob with bangs is for us one of the coolest trend hairstyles for 2022. Whether you choose a slanted or straight bangs, it does not matter – the result is always a stunning look. If you are unsure whether the hairstyle would suit you, then the Curtain Bangs, which are super trendy right now, would be just the thing for you. The fringed bangs look incredibly casual and playful and are very easy to style.

Razor Cut Bob: This is how chic the trend hairstyle looks in winter 2021!

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The hairstyle adds a casual and carefree touch to your short mane

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Razor cut bob style short hairstyles for thin hair 2021

Razor cut bob and red hair for an eye catching look

The bob with side bangs is very trendy this season

Bangs hairstyles short hair razor cut bob hairstyle trend 2021

Razor cut bob with soft beach waves for a girly look

Razor cut bob styling trend hairstyles 2022 for short hair.

The haircut is THE ultimate bob hairstyle for fine hair 2021

Razor Cut Bob hairstyle trend winter 2021 what hairstyles for thin hair.

If you want a low-maintenance haircut, then the Razor Cut Bob is just the thing for you

Trend hairstyles 2022 Razor Cut Bob hairstyle trend winter