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Transitional hairstyles for women: Styling ideas & tips on how to grow short hair in a beautiful way.

Going from long to short hair is a real transition that can put you in real distress at some moments. I hear you, because I have experienced the same thing and as a woman who cares about her appearance, I can really describe it as a nightmare. However, I have found that transitioning hairstyles from short to long should not be a painful phase at all. I’m currently growing my hair out again, this time from a pixie to a bob, and thanks to the professional advice of my hairdresser, I’m having fun with each new length that looks great too. What are the best tips for transitional hairstyles for women that I have benefited from, I will tell you in this article.

Transitional hairstyles for women: How to style your hair while it’s growing

Transitional hairstyles for women - styling ideas & tips on how to grow short hair in a beautiful way

The first time I had a pixie and decided to let my hair grow, it didn’t go very well. It looked terrible, so I got a second, third and fourth pixie cut. Then I changed hairdressers and told him that I had been trying to get my hair long for at least a year, but couldn’t stand the horrible transitional hairstyles for women from short to medium length.

From Pixie to Bob - How to style your hair in the growth phase

Following that, we both began the process. Now I’m here to guide you on the long, but not necessarily difficult, road to growing a pixie too.

Grow your hair in sections

Let your hair grow in sections

It’s important to trim the hair at the back of your head while you grow out the hair on the top and front. You want a look that is somewhere between a shaggy pixie and a short haircut. If you let the top layers grow out (as well as the bangs in front) and trim the back layers, you can style your hair more easily as you transition from one phase to another.

When the pixie grows out, you'll have bangs in a minute

When the pixie grows out, you’ll have bangs in a minute. It’s a fact of life. However, you don’t necessarily have to style that strand on your forehead. I like to sweep my hair back and to the side. I also like to wear it shaggy, which creates the illusion of more volume.

Transitional hairstyles for women – embrace the shaggy look.

Transitional hairstyles for women - Embrace the shaggy look.

This in-between stage is the hardest to style, as you’ve grown accustomed to the convenience of a short pixie that requires almost no effort to style. All you needed to look well-groomed before is a clear hair color and regular trimming. Now, however, your hair has length on top – it’s standing where it wants, and if, like me, you’ve been a platinum lady up until this point, you’re now starting to clearly see the damage of bleaching. So my hairdresser and I decided to darken my hair to make them healthier. We mixed it with lighter strands to create the illusion of more dimension.

Learn some style tricks

As you drift freely through the in-between sea, you can experiment with parting your hair differently and wearing your bangs in strange ways. It’s important to keep your hair interesting so you don’t get bored and cut it again, wasting your hard work and patience. For example, I used a tiara or headscarf. Sometimes I would let a small part of my bangs peek out from underneath, other times I would keep them pulled back. During this phase of my hair growth, I also had more fun with makeup because I felt like I looked different every day.

Start styling your strands as a bob at first opportunity

Transitional hairstyles for women - Start styling your strands as a bob at first opportunity

Once the strands on the sides almost cover your ears, start styling your hair like a very short bob. Even though my hair was longest in the back at this point, the sides (as you can see in the picture) only reached my ears, and the layers on top were all different lengths, I could now wear it as part of the bob hairstyles. Sometimes I parted it in the middle and pinned the shorter curls back with bobby pins. However, I usually wore it the way you see it in the picture – with a side parting that I rounded out a bit in some places with a hair straightener.

Treat your hair well as it grows

Treat your hair well as it grows

Use deep conditioning products and hair masks regularly, and watch out for things that you know can damage your hair. Although my hair is still in good condition, it probably would have grown a little faster if I hadn’t bleached, straightened and tortured it for years. So now I have a system – when my hair is too short, I allow myself to dye it my favorite platinum blonde. However, when I grow it out, I stop treating it with strong chemical products and start experimenting with new, more hair-friendly colors and looks. Some are better than others, of course.

Growing your hair from pixie to bob can be a great time with the right hairstylist

And I’ve saved the most important for last. For this whole transitional hairstyle journey to be successful for us women, it’s important that we put ourselves in the hands of the right hairstylist. He can make the adventure nightmarish or wonderful, so choose carefully.

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