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Tousled hair – styling the tousled hairstyle correctly

Out-of-bed, undone or just tousled: if you don’t want to spend an hour styling your hair in the morning, go for the tousled hair trend. Tikbow explains who can wear the hairstyle and how best to style it.

Tousled, tousled or simply disheveled – these are the official translations of the English word "tousled." And that is exactly what the hair trend Tousled Hair is all about. No perfect curls, no rigid beach waves. Just casual waves that softly hug the face and don’t look like elaborate styling.

Who can wear tousled hair?

Even though the tousled strands were worn at the Fashion Weeks especially by models with chin-length bobs, the tousled look also suits women with longer hair. The cut is also irrelevant, although the look is slightly less voluminous with a straight cut than with heavily layered hair.

Celebrity tousled hair wearers

The wavy look fits Kaia Gerber’s short bob perfectly. But other stars also wear their bob in a wavy look, including Dakota Johnson, Kaley Cuoco or even Jennifer Lawrence. The most famous representative of the look is none other than It-girl and designer Alexa Chung. She has been wearing her hair tousled for years, but rarely lets it grow longer than shoulder length.

Styling Tousled Hair

The tousled look is particularly easy to style if the hair is no longer than shoulder length. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you should apply a little mousse to wet hair and blow-dry or air-dry it. To get more definition in the undone look, individual strands can be twisted into shape with a straightening iron or curling iron. Important: Do not twist in the ends, so that the look remains messy. After styling, it is best to glide your fingers through the waves and lightly tousle them. Especially with longer hair, the defined curls should be neatly loosened up again. Extra tip from hairdresser Patrick Ahrensdorf from "Horst Chudy Friseure" in Berlin: "Use Sea Salt Spray for the hair. Then the lässigen waves hold even better."