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Tinsel hair is the sparkling TikTok trend with which you will attract all eyes at the next party!

Soon it’s finally that time again – in less than 2 weeks it’s carnival time! And what does that mean? It’s about time to start thinking about our costumes. After 2 years of pandemic, it may this year like both the make-up, as well as in terms of hairstyles a little more glitter and sparkle than usual. The social platform TikTok has undoubtedly become the ultimate place for numerous on exciting trend. Be it cool hairstyles, quick recipes and DIY hacks – the list is quite long. And just when we thought we had seen it all, a brand new look caught our attention just in time for the holidays. Gorgeously sparkly, super chic and a real eye-catcher – tinsel hair, is THE trendy hairstyle that everyone is obsessed with at the moment. And have we piqued your interest? Then read on and find out here, what it is all about the hype!

Tinsel hair is THE trend hairstyle of the season

Beyonce hairstyles pictures tinsel hair what is that

Tinsel hair, or Tinsel Hair in English, is the latest craze in fashion and the new favorite look of all fashion girls. The hairstyle trend has now received more than 90 million views on TikTok. Although the sparkly hairstyle is having a big moment right now, it’s actually not a new invention. We have no less than pop diva Beyoncé to thank for introducing us to the magical look back in 2010 at the Grammy Awards. And like many other trends from the past, tinsel hair is returning this year, we couldn’t be more excited.

What makes the hairstyle?

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With tinsel hair, the name actually says it all. It involves incorporating tiny threads of tinsel into our natural hair to create a subtle and fabulous sparkle. The end result is a really glamorous and shimmery look that immediately catches the eye.

Updos long hair what are tinsel hair

Tinsel hair looks like our mane is dipped in fairy dust. Perfect, therefore, for those who are not so fond of complicated costumes for carnival. As for colors, the sky is the limit. Whether gold, silver, white, black, pastels or bright neon hues – there are no limits to your imagination. Pretty much what you like is allowed.

Spice up hairstyle with highlights tinsel hair do it yourself anletung

The colored threads shine in all imaginable shades and literally make our mane shine. But tinsel hair is not only perfect for carnival. The glittery trend hairstyle is a great and fun way to add a lively and refreshing touch to our look without having to make too drastic changes for it.

Tinsel hair: this is how easy you can get the look

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Beautifully sparkling and really glamorous – tinsel hair undoubtedly always provides a wow effect and is a real eye-catcher. And the most beautiful thing? To get the glittery look, you do not necessarily have to visit the hairdresser. The tinsel strands are actually super easy and very quick to work into the hair – ideal for a last minute costume therefore! The colored threads can be found on the Internet, as well as in costume stores and drugstores for a few euros.

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And this is how easy it is done:

  • First, style the hair as you like. Here, everything is possible – whether straight, curly or pinned up, is purely a matter of taste.
  • Then take a tinsel thread and wrap it close to the hairline twice around a thin strand of hair several times.
  • Carefully pull the resulting loop down and voilà – already your hair glitters in a fairytale way!
  • Once applied, tinsel hair usually lasts between three and six weeks. The durability depends on the quality of the strands, of course, but also on your daily activities and external factors such as temperature, humidity and so on.

Tinsel hair: this is how cool the trend hairstyle looks!

Tinsel hair what is the carnival hairstyles simple

The small threads are available in all imaginable colors

Tinsel hair for carnival carnival hairstyles women long hair

Tinsel hair is best suited for a quick and at the same time chic carnival costume

quick hairstyles carnival women tinsel hair hairstyle trend

The trend hairstyle gives your mane a sparkling and lively touch

Purple hair color trend 2022 tinsel hair hairstyle trend

Tinsel hair for a wow effect

Tinsel hair hairstyle tutorial carnival hairstyles for women