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Tinfoil to combat flyaway hair and frizz: here’s how the TikTok hack works for sleek hair

A new beauty hack is going viral on TikTok. With aluminum foil, frizzy, straw-like hair is supposed to shine again in no time. Does it work? We reveal what’s behind it and whether the household remedy can really tame flyaway hair.

Goodbye to frizz and flying hair with a home remedy

Trick against flying hair and frizz

Anyone who has frizzy hair knows this: the mane is dull and also difficult to comb. Although you can get a grip on flying strands of hair with anti-frizz spray, the beautiful shine often remains missing. So how cool would it be if we could make our hair sleek and beautiful again with a simple trick, without having to use styling products?

What to do against flying hair

That’s the promise of a simple method currently making the rounds on TikTok. It involves using a household item that you probably have at home: namely, the good old roll of aluminum foil. This time, however, the foil is not used to dye the hair, but to make the mane supple again.

Here’s how the TikTok hack works against bad hair days.

Taming flying hair without anti-frizz spray

Tinfoil against frizz? Sounds pretty far-fetched at first. But if you believe some beauty TikTokers, the household helper is supposed to make dull hair shine again in no time. The beauty hack is being promoted on social media under the slogan “No more Bad Hair Days.” And what would the online world be without cool hacks that make our lives easier!

Aluminum foil against frizz and flying hair how does it work

Saying goodbye to problems with flying hair when it’s humid or because of static electricity with a simple trick sounds really great. And this is how the TikTok trend is supposed to work: You simply take a fresh sheet of aluminum foil and rub it several times over your dry hair from roots to lengths. If you believe the social media, frizzy hair is thereby smoothed in no time.

The result of the influencers: shiny hair like fresh from the hairdresser. But does the hack really work as an anti-frizz method and will we never have to worry about bad hair days again in the future?

Can aluminum foil really help against frizz and flyaway hair?

Tiktok beauty hack against frizz

Of course, people are very skeptical at first when it comes to a new beauty hack from the Internet. After all, a lot of the viral trends are disappointing. Nevertheless, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try out the method. That’s what we did, too.

Our verdict: A frizzy mane may not be tamed or completely detangled by stroking it with the foil, but the results can still be surprising. After application, hair looked smoother and freshly combed. Even flyaway hair was nicely tidied. The result lasted for about two hours in the aftermath. But there is a downside: this beauty trick is not really sustainable. Unless you use the aluminum foil several times.

taming frizzy hair with home remedies

One thing is for sure, though – on absolute bad-hair days, tinfoil unfortunately can’t provide the necessary remedy. But for a short refresher in between, the method is recommended. The hack is also practical for on the go. Because in most handbags, in addition to hairspray and Co. there is certainly a small place for a folded sheet of aluminum foil. Try out the TikTok hack yourself, it certainly can’t hurt.