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Tiered half-length hairstyles from 50: The most beautiful haircuts for older women for a youthful look!

Do you feel it too? The urge for a small, optical change? No matter if we are 20,30 or 50 years old – we as women always want to look beautiful and young. But finding the perfect hairstyle that flatters our facial features and accentuates our style becomes a real challenge after a certain age. As the years go by, many women decide to cut their hair and that’s fine – after all, short hairstyles are trendy and extremely practical. But you don’t have to follow this way of thinking, because there are plenty of great layered, half-length hairstyles from 50 that are just as chic and provide a youthful look. As proof of this, we’ve looked around for you and compiled some of the most beautiful upbeat hairstyles for older women that you’ll love. So read on and make an appointment at the hair salon today!

Stepped, half-length hairstyles from 50: The fringed lob

fringed lob haircuts that make younger half-length hairstyles from 50

When it comes to tiered, half-length hairstyles from 50, for us personally there is no other haircut that can surpass the femininity of a fringed lob. The timeless classic will probably never go out of fashion and is also one of the most beautiful hairstyle trends for 2023 this year . Neither too short, nor too long, but somewhere in between – the tiered lob provides us with the best of both worlds, creating an effortless yet elegant look.

Bangs hairstyles that make younger tiered half-length hairstyles from 50 images

Especially in combination with airy curtain bangs, the hairstyle feels wonderfully light and is ideal for concealing the small lines and wrinkles on the forehead. In contrast to the classic full bangs, curtain bangs conjure up freshness in the face and perfectly frame it. The fringe hairstyle also has another advantage that should not be underestimated – if you are already tired of the bangs, you can easily grow them out without the hairstyle looking weird. In terms of styling, the tiered lob is a real all-rounder and you can wear your hair both oven and pinned up, depending on your preference. What’s not to love about it?

The wild wolf cut as a trend hairstyle 2023

hairstyles half length graduated from 50 wolf cut trend hairstyle 2023

Retro hairstyles from the 80s and 90s already caused plenty of excitement last year and we can’t get around them in the coming season. Chic, rebellious and a great eye-catcher – the Wolf Cut is in hot demand in 2023 and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tiered, half-length hairstyles from 50. The haircut is a mixture of two other classics, and namely the mullet and the shag. The Wolf Cut is also super easy to style and thrives on its “undone look”. Thanks to the countless steps, our hair immediately looks much fuller and livelier. If you want to give the haircut even more character, combine the Wolf Cut with a fringe. Whether airy curtain bangs or a micro-bangs does not matter – slightly stepped bangs in all variations and lengths are the optimal styling partner to the Wolf Cut.

Half-length hairstyles from 50: The Shag Cut

Peppy hairstyles women over 50 half length shag cut with bangs

Since we’re on the subject of retro looks, the shag cut can’t be missing from our list of layered, half-length hairstyles for 50+. The cult haircut from the 80s is currently making a big comeback and it’s hard to imagine our heads without it. The rocky haircut combines just the right amount of glamour and edge and creates a feathery and youthful look in no time. Shag Cut is wonderfully adaptable to individual hair texture and face type, making it a true chameleon. Whether curly, straight, with or without bangs – the layered cut always works, the main thing is that it comes out strongly layered and super casual.

Layered cut with bangs

hairstyles half length graduated from 50 graduated haircuts older women

Stepped, half-length hairstyles from 50 and a fringe just fit together perfectly! Especially a stylish layered cut harmonizes wonderfully with a slightly longer side fringe. To ensure that the bangs blend in perfectly with the rest of the hair, they can also be cut a little fringy. The look feels modern and timeless at the same time and is an excellent way to skillfully conceal the fine lines.

The Shaggy Lob

tiered half-length hairstyles from 50 fringed haircuts older women

A shag cut is too wild for you and you find the classic lob a bit boring? So why not combine the two cuts? The Shaggy Lob combines the timeless lob with wild steps and the result is a great stepped cut that immediately catches your eye. The half-length hairstyle is an excellent option for all women who just want to give their current look a subtle update. When it comes to styling, you are also spoiled for choice with the shaggy lob. Sometimes with soft beach waves, straight or pinned up into a casual braid – the half-length hairstyle can be worn in a wide variety of ways and always looks gorgeous.

Beach Waves for more volume

tiered medium length hairstyles from 50 long bob with bangs trend hairstyles older women

Our hair loses more and more volume and resilience over the years. How could we counteract this without having to make too radical a change? Logically – with casual beach waves, of course! The waves go ideally with absolutely any haircut and give our mane more dynamism and lightness in no time. Beach waves have been our favorite everyday hairstyle for years and are styled in less than 10 minutes – sounds like the perfect addition to any 50+ half-length hairstyle, right?

Half-length, layered hairstyles from 50: The most beautiful looks at a glance.

Shaggy bob trend hairstyle 2023 tiered half-length hairstyles from 50

A layered cut with bangs always creates a youthful look

Hairstyles half-length tiered from 50 bangs hairstyles that make younger

Stepped hairstyles give your gray hair a modern touch

half-length hairstyles from 50 which haircuts make younger

The shag cut with bangs is THE trend hairstyle for half-length hair

Peppy hairstyles women over 50 half length shag cut with bangs

The layered lob always looks great

Jane Fonda hairstyles gray hair tiered half-length hairstyles from 50

Casual beach waves bring even more dynamism and movement to layered hair

fringed bob trend hairstyle 2023 tiered half-length hairstyles from 50 images

The shaggy lob for a wild and rebellious look

Bangs hairstyles that make younger tiered half-length hairstyles from 50