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Tiered bob from 50: 6 sassy bob hairstyles 2022 that make us look younger!

Without exaggerating, the right hairstyle can make you look years younger. The challenge many older women face is staying in their comfort zone with a haircut for decades or choosing a style that is too severe. A modern hairstyle upgrade every few years can do wonders for women of all ages. Not only does your hair condition change, you change too. The good news is that the bob is still one of the most popular haircuts in 2022, but can always be varied. We present to you 6 gorgeous layered bob hairstyles that will be totally in in 2022. A layered bob is THE hairstyle that suits every woman over 50!

layered bob with short neck and bangs for women over 50

Especially at the age of 50+, it is recommended that you go for layered cuts that give movement to the hairstyle as a whole. Blunt-cut hair and geometric lines can contour a face, but they are not for everyone. A layered bob, on the other hand, adds fullness to thin hair and is very easy to style.

The Bixie Cut makes a comeback

Bixie hairstyle stepped short bob with bangs from 50

One of the biggest hair trends for 2022 is the bixie cut – a mix of pixie and bob. Think of the short haircuts that stars like Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz wore in the 90s. They weren’t short enough to be called pixies, but they weren’t long enough to be considered bobs either.

This is how Gwyneth Paltrow wore the hairstyle in the ’90s

Pixie bob hairstyle of Gwyneth Paltrow in the 90s

This layered short haircut is characterized by fullness at the top of the head and runs out fringed and narrow at the bottom. If you’re considering getting a bixie hairstyle, keep one thing in mind: Your hair type.

The bixie exudes retro charm

Bixie is a combination of bob and pixie hairstyle

This hairstyle is more suitable for women with medium thick hair, so that the hair on the top of the head does not lie flat. However, if you have thicker hair, this hairstyle may look too heavy, while if you have thin hair, the volume at the top of the head is usually not maintained.

The hairstyle looks very modern and casual at the same time.

Bixie hairstyle with bangs for women over 50

With this hairstyle even gray hair can look top

Pixie bob combination for women over 60 with gray hair

The stepped feathered bob is perfect for women over 50

tiered bob from 50 chin length

Feathered hairstyles first became popular in the 1970s and were popular among both women and men. The fine gradation of the hair makes them look almost like bird feathers, which gives this hairstyle its name.

This layered bob hairstyle also goes very well with women who wear glasses

tiered bob with glasses from 50

Feathered hairstyles have come a long way since the 70s. These light and airy looks have received a modern upgrade that goes especially well with bob hairstyles. So don’t let your hair fall flat and take a look at these cool feathered bobs to get inspired for your next look.

The feathered bob is usually combined with a side pony

Stepped bob for older women over 60

Stacked Bob – Tiered bob with a short nape for older women.

layered bob for older women

The right haircut can quickly and easily change your entire look for the better. One of the best (and always stylish) haircuts is the tiered bob with short neck , also called stacked bob, which is both chic and easy to maintain. The generously layered hair in the front is slightly slanted and usually reaches the chin.

You can also style your stacked bob curly

stepped bob with short neck from 50

The most important element of this hairstyle is that the back part is perfectly cut. Since it is a layered cut, the back view is the focal point of the look, so it needs to be done right. The gradual step at the back of the head gives the bob an overall rounded shape.

Here the steps are not so noticeable

layered platinum blonde bob from 60

Tiered Shaggy Bob with Curtain Bangs from 50

sassy shaggy bob hairstyles stepped from 50

The trendy curtain bangs can be worn not only with long hair. They also look especially flattering with short hair. In combination with a fashionable hair color, this bob hairstyle cheats you years younger.

The Steel Grey look looks especially classy

Bob with curtain bangs for women with glasses

Stepped bob with choppy bangs

chin length layered bob with fringed bangs

Choppy bangs and shaggy bobs have been very popular for several years. Choppy means that the bangs are cut very short and fringy. This fringe may look a bit unusual at first sight, but it adds a certain rocky touch to any hairstyle. So, it is not surprising that a handful of our favorite celebrities wear this hairstyle.

Shaggy hairstyles are an easy way to give your hair more pizzazz

stepped shaggy bob with fringed bangs

Stepped long bob from 50

long bob hairstyle stepped from 60

The tiered long bob for women over 50 has the perfect hair length to give your hair more bounce and fullness. The shoulder length bob instantly lifts the hair for a more youthful look. The slight step gives the hair more lightness and makes it fall more smoothly.

The haircut looks classic and stylish

layered long bob shoulder length for women over 50