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These updos for thin hair instantly add fullness and volume!

A beautiful, thick and magnificent mane – this is probably the dream of every woman. But unfortunately, only a few of us are blessed with it. All women with fine hair know how difficult it is sometimes to find a suitable hairstyle that does not lie flat on the head. Those with thin hair often face a bit of a challenge. But that’s finally over now! Whether you need a festive hairstyle for wedding guest or just want to keep your hair out of your face, there are actually many great updos for thin hair that instantly add fullness and grip! And the most beautiful thing? Most of the looks are super simple and can be recreated pretty quickly. So what are we waiting for? Read on to discover all the stylish hairstyles that are guaranteed to make you look your best!

Styling thin hair: helpful tips and tricks.

Frisuren für dünnes Haar im Alter Pferdeschwanz Frisur für lange Haare

Styling thin hair can sometimes become a real challenge. But with a few simple tips and tricks, you can give your mane the volume you’ve always craved. There are actually some updos that will even last longer and better if your hair is not too heavy.

  • Curls and light waves are probably the easiest way to make any updo for thin hair instantly look much more voluminous.
  • For more fullness, it’s best to blow dry your hair against the direction of growth or simply let it air dry.
  • Volumizing sprays and dry shampoos can also work wonders for fine hair.
  • To give the hair more volume, you can lightly backcomb individual strands of hair with a fine comb. However, this method strains the hair structure and is more suitable for special occasions.

Simple hairstyles for thin hair: the ponytail

Pferdeschwanz Varianten Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes langes Haare

If we want to do quick updos for thin hair ourselves, we can’t go wrong with the good old ponytail. The classic is not only styled super quickly and easily, but it’s also super changeable, so you could try completely new looks with it every day. Whether it’s for sports or as a festive hairstyle for thin hair, the ponytail just works every time! The trick? For more volume and fullness, conjure up a few beach waves in the lengths before tying the hair together. Also, the side ponytail with waves that gently embrace the face looks super elegant and chic.

Chignon for fine hair

Dutt für sehr feines Haar einfache Hochsteckfrisuren für dünne Haare

Elegant, chic, super versatile and timeless – the chignon is one of those hairstyles that never goes out of fashion and is reinterpreted every year. And that’s a good thing! The hairstyle only works with a thick mane? Far from it! In fact, the chignon for very fine hair looks just as beautiful and glamorous. Especially popular right now is the so-called “Ballerina Bun” – a sleek, shiny chignon in sleek look. The look looks super elegant and is also one of the easiest updos for thin short hair. Women with medium-length and long hair can also use tools, such as a chignon cushion, at their discretion.

Messy bun for fine hair

Hoher Dutt Frisur Hochsteckfrisuren für dünne Haare

You want to put your thin hair up, but you have two left hands? Do not panic! There are also beautiful hairstyles for thin hair for you to do yourself! The magic word: Messy Bun. There is probably hardly a woman who does not know the casual hairstyle or has worn it at least once. To make your mane look even fuller, first create some gentle waves and let some strands fall out. Optionally, you can pluck out the ends of your hair a bit. The motto for this look is: the more casual, the better!

Chignon updo hairstyle for thin hair

Chginon Frisur Anleitung schnelle Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes Haar Hochzeit

Every woman knows it and every woman loves it: the chignon! And now the good news for all the gals who need some ideas for festive hairstyles for thin hair! Since the chignon should be kept as close to the head as possible, it often works much better with finer hair. And here’s how easy it is to do the updo yourself:

  • Apply some dry shampoo or volumizing powder to the roots and ends of the hair. With a comb, draw a line from the ear to the top and hold the upper part of the hair with a hair clip.
  • Now tie the remaining hair into a ponytail. Take a small section at the top of the ponytail and secure it at the top of the head.
  • For more volume, slightly backcomb the remaining ponytail and take out the hair clip.
  • Take the end of the tail up, wrap it around the hair tie and pin it with bobby pins.
  • Wrap the front part of the hair once around the tail and pin it down.
  • Spray with hairspray and gently pull the chignon apart with your fingers – this will make the hairstyle look even more voluminous.

Braided hairstyles and braids for thin hair

leichte Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes Haare Frisur für Hochzeitsgast selber machen

Braids in all imaginable variations are not only the most versatile hairstyles of all time, but also a real wonder weapon against fine hair. Whether a classic herringbone braid, romantic Gretchen braid or an updo for thin hair with a side braid – the styling variations are literally endless and there are absolutely no limits to your imagination.

Updos for thin short hair

Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes kurzes Haar Haare hochstecken Bilder

Whether it’s a long pixie cut for 2021 or a cool bob – short hairstyles are trendier than ever this year! But a short mane doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish and elegant hairstyle! In fact, there are plenty of simple updos for thin hair that work great with absolutely any hair length. From elegant chignon to playful braids to quick half-up hairstyles, there’s no shortage of great styling ideas, guaranteed!

Updos for thin hair: the most beautiful looks to recreate

Festliche Frisuren für dünnes Haar einfache Hochsteckfrisuren Hochzeit

Elegant updos for thin short hair

Chignon Frisur Anleitung Hochsteckfrisuren dünnes Haar selber machen

Curls and waves are the easiest way to add volume to your hairstyle

Festliche Frisuren für dünnes Haar schnelle Hochzeitsfrisuren

Braids are ideal for festive hairstyles for thin hair

Frisuren für feines Haar Hochsteckfrisuren für dünne Haare

Curls and chignon for very fine hair for a stylish look

einfache Hochsteckfrisuren für feines Haar Hochzeitsgast Frisur Ideen

Spice up festive hairstyles for thin hair with hair accessories

Frisur Hochzeitsgast selber machen Hochsteckfrisuren für schulterlanges dünnes Haar

Elegant updos for thin medium length hair

Hochsteckfrisuren dünnes Haar Hochzeit Haarschmuck Frisur Hochzeitsgast

With the right tips, thin hair instantly looks fuller and more voluminous

Hochsteckfrisuren dünnes Haar Hochzeit wie feine Haare hochstecken Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes Haar Anleitung Frisur Hochzeitsgast selber machen

Braids are the perfect updos for thin curly hair

Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes lockiges Haare Flechtfrisuren mittellange Haare

You can’t go wrong with the messy bun

Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes mittellanges Haar Dutt für feine Haare

Bangs and chignon for very fine hair

Hochsteckfrisuren mit Pony Dutt für sehr feines Haar

Updos for thin hair for wedding

schöne Frisuren für dünnes Haar zum selber machen Hochsteckfrisuren für Hochzeitsgast Bilder

Space buns look cool and are very trendy this year

Space Buns Frisur Hochsteckfrisuren für dünnes Haar selber machen