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The pot cut for women returns! What is the hairstyle trend for 2022 and who it suits

For some a welcome change from the classic bob, for others the sheer horror – the pot cut is back and becomes the hairstyle trend for 2022. Everyone knows the pot cut for boys, but especially for ladies it is viewed a bit more skeptically. And we admit that it takes a certain amount of courage to get your hair cut like this. But this fancy cut, which can definitely pass for a Rebel Cut, is nowadays modified and looks more modern. We present you the bowl cut for women and show it in all its modern variations.

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The bowl cut for women is pure retro!

Bowl cut for women - how it looks and to what type it suits

Originally, the bowl cut (also known as bowl cut, mushroom head and pot cut) comes from the 60s, where it was considered the it hairstyle at all. Especially the children were given this cut until the 80s. Surely you also remember the boy bands of the 90s with just this look. Now it finds favor with more and more ladies and we must admit that the pot cut for women looks really elegant and chic. Among others, January Jones and Heidi Klum have recently been presenting themselves with this trendy hairstyle – sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.

This is how the bowl cut looks like

The classic pot cut for women for straight hair

So the pot cut for ladies can certainly vary. Although originally the ear areas were exposed, in the modern variant you can be quite covered. The focus is on the bangs, which together with the front, side parts form a frame.

The pot cut for women returns to the stars

However, you should not do it yourself. Better leave this rather difficult task to a professional, because precise work is required to get the accurate look. The mushroom head is characterized by straight cuts without steps. The face is framed, so to speak, and the bangs also contribute to this. Incorrect cuts are therefore immediately noticeable and should be avoided. Finally, the cut resembles just what it was named after – a hood, a mushroom or a pot that was put over the head, which however looks more noble than it sounds.

Who does the cut suit?

Bowl cut with long and slightly fringed bangs

The fact that the special bowl cut for women does not suit everyone is no surprise. So before you decide to go for this cut, make sure that it suits your type. Those who have a round face should not opt for this hairstyle, as it will emphasize it even more. Angular faces, on the other hand, benefit from just that – the edges are thus concealed. And to oval faces fits almost everything anyway. So you can consider yourself lucky in this case.

Zendaya with a mushroom head hairstyle

Frizzy hair is not a good basis for the bowl cut for women. Thin hair is also not a good idea, because then the fringe area can quickly look fringy. This is not the aim of the hairstyle is, because this is characterized precisely by the straight cut. With curls, a completely different hairstyle would result.

The pot cut for women tolerates extravagant hair colors

The cut is minimalist, so you can combine it wonderfully with a more striking hair color. Even if you wear glasses, you don’t have to worry about that, because the two just go together beautifully. Not only the facial features and accessories should match the cut. Your type should also match the pot cut for women. So, if you are rather shy by nature, the flashy look will probably not give you the desired effect.

The pot cut for women suits women with square and oval faces

Variation with fringed bangs

Variant of the pot cut with fringed bangs

Mushroom head hairstyle in blonde

Modern pot cut for women in blonde

The Bowl Cut originates from the 60s

Retro hairstyle from the 60s, known from the Beatles.

The hairstyle variant of Rihanna

Rihanna wears a variation of the bowl cut

Elegant retro hairstyle – bowl cut for women

Bowl cut for women - Accurate bangs frame the face

Before and after picture

Pot cut for women - before and after with sideburns

Combine Bowl Cut with cool colors

The pot cut with pink and white hair

Charlize Theron also wears the hairstyle trend

Charlize Theron wears the mushroom head with undercut