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The Micro Bob 2022 flatters every woman with its expressive look: this is how cool it looks!

Everyone probably knows the classic bob and probably the lob by now, and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t love these hairstyles. But have you heard of the micro bob? It is not a novelty, but still perhaps not quite as well known, because it requires a little more courage than the classic variants. If you follow hairstyle trends regularly, you know that the bob hairstyle is always at the top of the list. So, of course, it’s no surprise that this time its mini variant is also creeping into the hearts of the ladies. We briefly introduce the micro bob and show you a few great variants for the 2022 trend.

The Micro Bob 2022 as a trend hairstyle – What does it look like?

The Micro Bob as a trend for 2022 with light waves and strawberry blonde

While the classic bob ends roughly midway between the chin and shoulders and the long bob can be shoulder- or collarbone-length, the chin forms the boundary for the micro bob. The cut must not be longer to pass as a micro variant. A length that definitely requires some courage, especially if it gets even shorter. The hair is also usually cut to one length and blunt (keyword blunt cut), which gives the look a special character. But the cut is also possible with an A-line.

Styling tips for the expressive hairstyle

French style micro bob with blunt cut and bangs

As with most short hairstyles, the Micro Bob is also an easy-care hairstyle that makes everyday life a lot easier. So you do not have to invest much time. The blunt cut, which is typical for this bob hairstyle, conjures up volume quite automatically, so you don’t necessarily have to help it along. In addition, the hairstyle also adapts wonderfully to any style: Today it should be elegant, because you wear a dress and high heels? No problem at all! You prefer to spend the weekend in jeans and sneakers and your hairstyle should look more sporty? The Micro Bob can do that too – without you having to reach for a curling iron, straightener or heavy styling products. However, you can still spice up the hairstyle with a few waves.

The Micro Bob 2022 reaches maximum to the chin

Just take a look at some successful stylings below.

The Micro Bob as a hair trend can be elegant, sporty, as well as girlish look

Bob hairstyle that ends between ears and chin

Micro Bob with Micro Bangs and Blunt Cut in Black

The Micro Bob conjures up volume with its blunt cut

Conjure up volume in the hair with the ultra-short bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyle combined with bangs

Bob hairstyle for thin hair and older ladies

Rebellious and elegant at the same time: micro bangs and A-line

Casual and sprtlich styled with A-line and micro bangs

Idea with side parting and straight hair

Cool hairstyle at chin length with side parting and slanted and blunt cut

Short hairstyles are trendy in 2022

Short bob hairstyle with center parting frames the face

The asymmetrical micro bob with micro bangs by Halle Berry

Halle Berry wears the Micro Bob with fringed bangs and an A-line.

Elegant and feminine French style

Elegant micro bob down to under the ears and with bangs for a variation of the French bob

Voluminous bob cut with side bangs

The micro bob looks chic with a side parting as well as with a center parting

Blunt cut for the trendy bob hairstyle

The timeless bob hairstyle suits every face shape

Light waves look elegant and casual

Micro Bob 2022 styled with or without bangs

Chin length bob hairstyle with wavy tips

Easy to maintain hairstyle trend with blunt cut and thin bangs

Noble in sleek look

Expressive trend hairstyle for 2022 with straight cut

Slightly stepped

Short bob hairstyle with bangs and undercut for a subtle A-line look

Micro styling suits all ages

The hair trend 2022 Micro Bob suitable for women of all ages

The bold trend hairstyle for 2022: The Micro Bob as an alternative to the classic

Peppy hairstyling with short length - short hairstyles are on trend