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The latest summer hair trends inspired by the Cannes Film Festival 2021!

Cannes is back! After the 2020 film festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have returned this year in the week of 09 to 17.07. on the Côte d’Azur. No wonder that our joy was all the greater! Already since 1946 the International Film Festival belongs to the most important events of the year and as always one elegant look chased the next also in the last week. The gorgeous outfits worn by stars from Hollywood and around the world get almost as much attention as the films themselves, and not without reason. If there’s one thing all fashion girls can agree on, it’s that a beautiful hairstyle is just as important as our outfit. From flippy lob to micro braids and buzz cut, in this article we’ve filtered out for you the latest summer hair trends inspired by the looks at the Cannes Film Festival 2021!

Low ponytail as one of the most beautiful summer hair trends

Pferdeschwanz Frisuren mittellange Haare Cannes Film Festival 2021 Looks

Whether it’s for a formal event or at the beach, the good old ponytail is a timeless classic for a simple yet elegant hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion. After the high braid dominated the fashion world for a long time, this year the low ponytail is making a comeback, making it one of the most popular summer hair trends for 2021. Actress Jessica Chastain’s extremely stylish hairstyle at the Cannes Film Festival 2021 proves that the low ponytail always looks classy and graceful. And the most beautiful thing? The styling takes less than 5 minutes, but provides an elegant look all day long. Women with thin and fine hair can add fullness to their hair with a few gentle waves.

Wet hair look is the trend hairstyle of the summer

Cannes Film Festival 2021 Wet Hair Look

The wet hair look was among the most popular hairstyles of the stars at the Cannes Film Festival 2021 and we are not surprised. The glossy hairstyle looks a bit like we just stepped out of the shower and exudes pure glamour. However, this year the trend hairstyle is no longer worn ultra sleek, but rather casual. It is important that the hair is combed back only loosely and slightly stringy. The hairstyle was already totally hip in the 80s and conjures up very uncomplicated and super fast freshness in any styling. To get the wet look, you simply need to massage a small portion of hair gel into your mane with your fingers and then comb through well with a coarse comb. Then, shape the hair into the desired form and voila – you have the chic look from the Cannes Film Festival 2021!

Braided Tendrils are the playful summer hair trend

Sommer Haartrends Micro Braids Cannes Film Festival 2021 Looks

Have you ever heard of braided tendrils? If not, then it’s time to change that. The playful hairstyle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful summer hair trends inspired by Cannes Film Festival 2021. Italian fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni opted for the cute braids, creating a real hype in the fashion world. It is quite simply two braided strands that gently frame the face and the look reminds us of the then typical hairstyles of the Spice Girls from the 90s. Best of all, Braided Tendrils don’t look super cute and girly, they’re also extremely easy to style up and are perfect for any hair length.

Summer hair trends: gray hair is here to stay

Promis mit grauen Haaren Cannes Film Festival Frisuren 2021

One thing can be said for sure – summer hair trends for 2021 are all about naturalness. Actress Andie MacDowell wears her gray hair with pride on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2021, and we have to admit that the actress really looks stunning. The movement to show our grays up instead of concealing them has already grown exponentially in the last year. We don’t know if Andi MacDowell was inspired by Helen Mirren hairstyles or Jane Fonda, but her silver locks were one of the most beautiful looks of the evening.

The Buzz Cut is the bold summer hair trend for 2021

Buzz Cut Frisur Sommer Haartrends 2021 Cannes Film Festival

Short hairstyles are more popular this year than they have been for a long time, and Iris Law’s bold buzz cut at Cannes Film Festival 2021 is clear proof of that! The 20-year-old model and daughter of actor Jude Law took a chance on the bold hairstyle, causing plenty of excitement. Easy to maintain, super chic and very eye-catching – the buzz cut is the official trend hairstyle of the summer for all girls who like to draw attention to themselves!

The Micro Bob

Sommer Haartrends Micro Bob Frisur Cannes Film Festival 2021 Looks

The bob is one of the few haircuts that have been around forever and yet will never go out of style. Why? Because it keeps getting reinvented every season and somehow always looks super cool. After the Flippy Lob and the French Bob recently conquered the fashion world, now the Micro Bob has earned a place among the most popular summer hair trends for 2021. French singer and songstress SoKo has also jumped on the trend bandwagon, and her Micro Bob was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful looks at the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Hair accessories

Helen Mirren Frisuren graue Haare Cannes Film Festival 2021

Whether it’s barrettes, bows or hairpins – hair accessories are also indispensable from our minds this season. Hair scarves and eye-catching bobby pins with pearls or other embellishments are especially trendy this year. Hair accessories are a great way to spruce up any look and conjure up a trendy eye-catching hairstyle very quickly.

Cannes Film Festival 2021 French Bob Haartrend Sommer