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The grunge bob and its big comeback: What makes the 90s hairstyle so popular right now and how do you wear it in 2022?

Grunge Bob or Grungy Bob is just back on everyone’s lips. The short hairstyle, originally worn by stars like Winona Ryder in the 90s, has been making a big comeback in recent years and is also taking over heads this summer. Read on to find out why the cut is so popular and how to style it this summer.

The grunge style from the 90s and its return

Hairstyle trend 2022 short hair Grungy look

Grunge hairstyleеn had its origin in the early 90s, where this style was much celebrated. It is basically a movement that has turned into a whole style. It is indeed very low maintenance and there is something really great about the whole vibe it creates. With its classic vibe, the style is a mix of hipster, indie and rocker chic. Today, this movement is on the rise again and we’re going to show you a great hairstyle for the warm season that embodies the style.

The grunge bob then and now

Choppy short hairstyle from the 90s worn by Winona Ryder

The resurgence of the grunge trend in fashion has been huge lately. And not only clothes, but hairstyles are also joining in. As mentioned before, grungy hairstyles were a big hit among actresses and singers in the 90s. This included the casual grunge bob, which was a classic among short hairstyles. Besides Winona Ryder, pop icon Gwen Stefani was also a representative of this cool trend.

Gwen Stefani grungy bob blonde with dark highlights 90s

She paired the hairstyle with full bangs, with the sides styled in a tiered and messy way. The blonde look was complemented with a few dark highlights, which added a surprising element to the whole grunge hairstyle.

This is how the hairstyle looks today

Messy choppy lob with highlights

For the grunge bob, the right cut is important first – the length can vary from chin-length to shoulder-length. This hairstyle is not a neat look – so steps, edges, corners must be. For this purpose, a fringe is also perfect.

As for the type of hair, the 90 hairstyle is suitable for all types – from fine and straight to thick and curly. However, for those women with thick, bushy curls, a lot of thinning is necessary to get the look, which is not always beneficial for the hair.

Grungy bob with bangs step cut medium length hair

What makes this hairstyle so popular is its casual undone look, which can be achieved without much effort in the morning and still looks super cool.

The great thing about this hairstyle is also the versatility with which it can be worn. If you want something fancier and influenced by the grunge trend, you don’t have to go to the extreme, you can start with an evolved classic shape and gradually expand the boundaries with steps and color options.

How to wear the hairstyle in summer 2022

Grunge shaggy bob look for summer

If you prefer casual and messy, the grunge bob is just right for you in spring and summer 2022. You can wear the haircut both short and medium length, i.e. down to the shoulders ,.

Tips for styling the grunge hairstyle

Grunge Bob Hairstyle 2022 Trend

With this hairstyle, it is not the styling that is important, but in the first place the cut. If cut appropriately, the hair will be styled in no time. To style your hair in a casual grunge look, you actually don’t need much in the way of products or styling tools. It’s all about creating texture and styling your hair perfectly imperfect, among other things. How to do it.

Short grungy bob hairstyle with baby bangs

Freshly washed hair require a little more styling, because in principle they have a smoother texture. These can be slightly curled, for example, with a hairdryer and round brush or straightener and then treated with a little salt water spray. Fix the messy waves with some hairspray if necessary and you’re done. If bangs come into play, then depending on the length and type, they will also need some styling.

If your hair is not freshly washed, then you can simply bring it into the desired shape with your hands and possibly spray it with fixing spray at the end.

So with the grunge bob, there are no more bad hair days. That’s why we love the hairstyle especially in summer, when you don’t want to waste any time at all styling your hair. So get up, tousle it and you’re done!

Cool ideas for a grunge bob in 2022

Blonde grunge bob with bangs

Blonde grunge bob with long bangs crossed parting

This hairstyle explicitly represents the grunge style. The grim and rugged look comes from the eye makeup, which is nicely balanced by the hairstyle. The hairstyle has a severe fringe at the front that covers the entire forehead. So, this is a great hairstyle for women who have a very wide forehead and want to make it look narrow. The cut is asymmetrical, so the front part of the hair is longer than the back. What makes the look even more interesting is the parting, which is crossed without being too noticeable.

Trendy Curly Bob in Grunge Look

Curly grunge bob with green highlights

Curls are feminine and full of texture. The salt-and-pepper look enhances their texture and offers itself as a cool option when the first gray hairs appear. To add even more grunge feel, you can opt for green or purple highlights that will conceal the grays and turn them into something unique. With a few green highlights framing the face, you’ll get the perfect summer look for curly hair!

Casual hairstyle for curls summer 2022

Grungy Short Bob with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs with grunge bob the ideal hairstyle for summer 2022

Short haircuts combine great with a micro bangs . This is also true for the grunge bob. The bangs can be cut a bit fringy, so it contributes to the messy look of the hairstyle.