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The best tips to make gray hair shine

Between the age of 30 and 40, most of us sprout the first gray hairs. Now we have the choice: reach for the dye, or wear nature? Both can be achieved with a few care and styling tips.

Hair turning gray is a side effect of getting older. Gray hair is a natural degeneration process. From a medical point of view, it is a degradation process of the hair cells, in which the color components shrink until the cell appears colorless. The reason: With age, not only the skin shrinks, but also the hair bulb, which supplies the hair with nutrients. Genetic factors also play a role in graying, as do inflammations, certain medications or rare diseases. A lot is still unknown when it comes to researching silver grays – and nothing can be done against the aging process itself. We reveal how to make gray hair shine with the right care.

With the right care, gray hair can be refined

You have no problem with your new gray? All the better, because then it’s just a matter of refining your hair tone. This can be achieved, for example, with a nourishing color conditioner, which gives the rather rough and dull graying hair a noble shimmer. In addition, use a special silver shampoo to keep the tone clear and cool and to wash out an unwanted yellow tint. For neat shine provide careöl and nourishing leave-in hair sprays, as well as special hair treatments for gray hair.

Gently conceal gray hair

For those who are not yet ready for the first silver strands, but also do not want to burden their hair with aggressive colorants, an intensive treatment may be the best alternative. Because gray hair can also be reliably covered in this way.

Permanent coloring

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to worry about aging hair and want to stick with the original tone, permanent color is a good choice. It is important that the coloration is ideally suited to the type and needs. The older you are, the lighter the selected shade should be. Dark shades can be too harsh a contrast to the face, while lighter shades are also flattering for the complexion.

Gray hair is the trend!

By the way, while some people are still fighting against nature, gray has long since become a hair trend. On the one hand, a cool silver is still very much in demand among young women, along with pastel shades such as pink or light blue. On the other hand, more and more celebrities are now standing by their gray hair. Certainly, the ongoing lockdown was a decisive point for many to finally let the gray grow out. For example, for actress Andie MacDowell, who showed up at the Cannes Film Festival with silver curls.