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The best styling tricks to tame baby hair

Many women with long hair know the problem: You want to do a braid, but somehow there are always single hairs that escape and stick out in all directions. The perfect sleek look quickly becomes a challenge thanks to so-called baby hair. Tikbow reveals the best way to get those pesky mini hairs under control.

Where does baby hair come from?

The hairs around the hairline are by nature particularly fine, therefore particularly sensitive and accordingly break off quickly. What remains are the baby hairs, which are problematic when styling. In fact, many women already have baby hair by nature. And this much in advance: You can’t get rid of the sweet little hairs completely. With the right care, however, you can prevent the sensitive, fine hairs at the roots from breaking off further.

The right care for baby hair

Simply everything that harms the hair should be avoided – especially the roots should be treated as gently as possible. Set the hair dryer to the cold setting and let the straightening iron rest; it has no place at the roots anyway! Strict pulling also encourages hair breakage and can even lead to hair loss in the worst case. And: Let your hair breathe from time to time, so wear it open, so that even the particularly fine hairs survive the next styling procedure. What also makes sense are hairbrushes with soft bristles. They are much gentler to the hair than hard plastic hairbrushes.

What is the best way to style baby hair?

Styling away baby hair is of course not a must, meanwhile the mini hairs are almost hip and are even targeted by designers for their catwalk looks. Even Kim Kardashian, who had her mini hairs on her forehead lasered off years ago, now regrets this decision. However, if you still don’t want to let your baby hairs stand still, there are a few ways to get rid of them, at least in the short term.

Tip 1: Mascara brushes

Finishing sticks, i.e. hair mascaras with gel instead of color, make it easy to comb the hair back in the braid and blend it with the rest of the hair. If you don’t want to invest in a styling product, you can simply spray some hairspray on an unused toothbrush and use it to blend the braids. But what you should not do under any circumstances: Shave it off. As fine as baby hair is, if you shave it off, it will grow back stubbly.

Tip 2: Bangs

The easiest way to trim baby hair in the forehead area is to use bangs. The short hairs are ideal for the forehead fringe style and can, depending on the twirl, be integrated both in micro bangs or in currently so trendy curtain bangs and styled very easily – so the annoying styling problem is very quickly passé!

Tip 3: Braiding

Baby hairs at the nape of the neck can best be bobby-pinned by plaiting them into a small braid and then securing them upwards with bobby pins. The bobby pins should be sprayed with hairspray once beforehand and then attached to the head with the grooved side down – so they hold even the finest härchen.

Tip 4: Hand cream

When you’re on the go, it makes sense to always have some hair or hand cream with you. Simply rub a small amount of it into your hands and run it over your hair. But be careful: With all these tricks, it’s all about the dose! Don’t use too much gel, cream or oil, otherwise the roots will look smooth, but also greasy.