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The best hairstyles to hide oily hair

Not in the mood for frequent hair washing in times when we go out the door less often than usual anyway? Tikbow has the best styling tips that perfectly conceal greasy hair.

Conceal greasy hair with the Sleek Style hairstyle

Unlike the wet look, the hair doesn’t even need to be wet for the sleek style, the roots are simply treated with gel. Afterwards, the hair is simply parted or pulled back, and the look is finished! Works especially well with hairstyles like the bob, but long hair can also be styled quickly and easily.

Braided hairstyle

The rule is: the messier the hairstyle, the less noticeable greasy hair in the hairstyle! Perfect: a wild braided hairstyle. If the roots are already very greasy, they can be treated in advance with dry shampoo. Particularly beautiful look individual braided twists, which are intertwined and tied together again.


Ist die letzte Haarwäsche schon sehr lange her, ist ein hochgebundener Bun die ideale Lösung. Mit Hilfe eines Chignon-Kissens wird der Bun noch voluminöser. Die seitlichen Haare können zusätzlich mit Trockenshampoo, Gel oder Haarspray behandelt werden, so wirken sie gepflegter und der fettige Ansatz verschwindet.

French twist

The French twist, also called banana, looks classy and perfectly hides greasy hair thanks to styling cream and gel. Simply pull back the hair, twist the braid, bend it to the side and pin it with a few bobby pins. For a little extra glamour, jewelry pins can be pinned into the side of the twist.

Side chignon for oily hair

Also, the side snail chignon is a perfect hairstyle for oily hair. To do this, simply tie a braid on the side of the head and twist the hair up tightly, then fix it with hair clips and hairspray. If you like it a bit fancier, just try two buns, one on each side of your head.

Backcombing and hair accessories

Slightly tousled hair makes the roots look less flat and stringy. To do this, backcomb the hair on the top of the head in sections and comb it lightly smooth again. If the hair is only slightly greasy, the side strands can be pinned back with a few clips. This way, the hair does not look straggly and can be worn open very casually. Hair accessories such as barrettes, scarves or bracelets add to the distraction and conceal greasy roots.