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The best hairstyles for rainy days to avoid frizz

If water comes from the sky, the moisture turns even the most tamed frizz into a wild lion’s mane. Hair gets special power in drizzle, which seems to pump it up bit by bit from the inside. There are a few hairstyles that effectively counteract the hair disaster.

Braided hairstyles in the rain are ideal

Whether frizzy or super straight – with braided hairstyles zähmen any hair texture, even in the rain. In order for the braided hairstyle to withstand any weather from drizzle to mega-shower – in a first step, the open hair is provided with smoothing styling products or a small amount of hairöl and straightened. Caution: If you are prone to greasy roots, you should leave them out. Then braid the hair into a tight braid. Especially simple and always stylish: you tie a high ponytail, which you braid to the tips.


Damen mit lockigen Haaren können die Krausen-Misere wunderbar in einen Trumpf verwandeln. Kommen Sie dem Regen zuvor und lassen Sie die Curls frei. In das nasse oder mindestens feuchte Haar wird ein Anti-Frizz-Stylingprodukt für Curls geknetet. Anschließend trocknen die Haare an der Luft oder werden mit einem Diffusor fast trocken geföhnt. Hitzeschutz und Öl für die Spitzen nicht vergessen! Den Rest für Ihre Frisur übernimmt dann der Regen. Sie brauchen nur zwischendurch mal nachkneten.


The sleek look is suitable for women who have naturally straight hair and have little or no tendency to frizz. The hair is covered with waterproof wax or gel, which is applied to the entire hair. The lengths can either be hung down smoothly or tied into a sleek braid. Hairspray provides the finish. The perfect hairstyle in the rain.

Updo hairstyle in the rain

Absolutely suitable for red and even in rainy weather is the Updo, so an updo hairstyle. In order for the updo to serve its purpose, it must be sleek and tight. Accordingly, here, too, the hair is smoothed with smooth styling products and tied into a tight chignon. This works well with a chignon at the nape of the neck to the middle parting.

This helps against frizz

In addition to the appropriate rain hairstyles, there are a few things you can do präventively in rainy weather. Against frizz helps in the first place to abandon the hair shampoo. The oils produced by the body weigh down the hair and at least partially prevent uncontrollable frizz. If the roots are already greasy, dry shampoo can help. Dry ends can be moistened and made smooth with hair oil or conditioner. Also helpful are various styling products that focus on anti-frizz, as well as hairöl, which also weighs down the hair.