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The 60/180 rule of the pros for washing your hair: Advice on how to have perfectly groomed hair

There are some expert tricks that can help you achieve the results of professional treatment when washing your hair at home. This will not only make the hair cleaner and look better, but also save considerable costs on shampoo. When washing our hair we can do so many things wrong, but there is one thing we definitely pay too little attention to: the exposure time of our shampoo. We briefly introduce the 60/180 rule and explain why you should massage the shampoo into the hair and then leave it on longer.

What is the 60/180 rule of the pros?

Leave shampoo on longer for best results

For a long time it was thought that it was enough to massage the shampoo briefly into the hair, rinse it out again and then leave the conditioner on for quite a long time. In reality, however, the shampoo needs a while so that the ingredients can develop their optimal effect. This is highly true for moisturizing and repairing shampoos that are suitable for very dry hair.

The 60/180 rule of the pros for beautiful hair.

Depending on the condition of the hair, you should leave the shampoo on for between one and three minutes, between 60 and 180 seconds, reveals hairdresser Gabriel Llano. The expert explains that the longer and more damaged the hair, the longer you should leave the shampoo on.

Leave shampoo on longer for damaged hair

And this is exactly how this 60/180 rule works: if you have colored, very long hair that you continue to stress every day with styling products, you should definitely leave the shampoo on for three minutes. This really cleanses the hair and allows the conditioning ingredients to soak in. However, if you have shorter hair that you don’t subject to so much stress in the form of hairspray, heat and the like, leaving the shampoo on for about 60 seconds is enough.

The hair massage is of great importance

Hair massage is of great importance for hair

While waiting for shampoo, do not watch inactively, but, as Llano points out, massage the scalp for at least a minute before rinsing. When you stimulate the scalp by massaging, the skin and hair can better absorb the care product. This ultimately improves the result after shampooing. The hair is optimally cleaned, stays fresh longer and is healthy and strong. Although there is no scientifically proven evidence that a scalp massage can accelerate hair growth , but it stimulates the circulation of blood and is therefore a plus for more beautiful hair.

Types of shampoos and waiting time

What the 60/180 rule means for hair

The hairdresser points out a remarkable fact related to the type of shampoo used: When it comes to a moisturizing or repairing shampoo, you have to wait exactly for the ingredients to take effect. Therefore, in such cases, these 3 minutes are necessary and appropriate.

The 60/180 rule: pull shampoo to the tips.

Pull shampoo to the tips - 60/180 rule.

Although you know, shampoo should always be applied all over the scalp. But even more important is that the shampoo can also reach the ends of the hair. The idea is not to massage the shampoo into that part of the hair, but to pull it through the rest of the hair to reach and remove all the residue. The expert Llano advises that you should clean your hair by moisturizing the entire length of the hair. That’s why you should always start on the scalp and then slowly and carefully pull the shampoo through the rest of the hair to the ends, because a well-moisturized hair looks smoother.

Washing hair and using shampoo correctly - 60/180 rule