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The 6 best conditioners selected by the editors

Hair conditioner is supposed to provide that extra bit of care after shampooing and make your mane easy to comb. However, there is a wide range of products on the drugstore shelf – for frizzy, dry, demanding or stressed hair, in different fragrances and with different consistencies. We reveal our personal favorites!

"Arganöl and care"-Spülung from Isana Professional

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow

My hair has already had to endure one or two bleaching experiments. The result: extremely dry tips. Without rinsing, easy combing after the hair wash is unthinkable. That’s why for several years now I’ve been using Isana Professional’s Argan and Care Conditioner (200ml, approx. 1.39 euros). The gets along without silicones, makes the hair accordingly not so extremely soft, but still cares for my stressed Längen and makes them easy kämmbar. My tip: Really only work into the Längen, otherwise the hair after the Wäsche look flat and quickly greasy again.

Repair Conditioner from Nature Box

Recommended by Melanie Hoffmann, Editor FITBOOK
In combination with the matching shampoo I have the feeling that the "repair Spülung" of Nature Box (385ml/approx. 4.55 euros) my hair ideal care. The Spülung provides good Kämmbarkeit, what really not every Spülung creates with my fine long hair. Furthermore, I find great that it is vegan and silicone-free. So far I have tried the variety avocado. The others are still pending, because the drugstore, with me around the corner, the products usually has not vorrätig. I like to change varieties and scents.

"Dualsenses Color Brilliance"-Conditioner from Goldwell.

Recommended by Rita, Editor TECHBOOK

My hair is colored in balayage style, so the lower lengths are blond. I was therefore looking for a product that would not weigh down my fine hair, but still provide enough care for my tips stressed by the bleaching. My hairdresser recommended the Dualsenses Color Brilliance conditioner from Goldwell (200ml, approx. 10 euros). The conditioner was developed specifically for colored and fine hair, which meets my hair type very accurately. Überzeugt has convinced me the pleasant, but not intrusive, fruity scent and the yield. My hair feels soft and supple after washing and can be easily combed. In addition, my hair shines after use and is also protected from the sun by the UV filter.

"Super Moisturing Coconut Conditioner" by Inecto Naturals

Recommended by Julie, photo editor

Mein Lieblings-Conditioner ist der "Super Moisturing Coconut Conditioner" by Inecto Naturals (500ml, ca. 4 Euro). Für den habe mich entschieden, weil er nicht derart mit Chemikalien und Silikonen vollgestopft ist wie viele Konkurrenz-Produkte. Ich habe eine ziemlich empfindliche Haut und vertrage zudem keine Konservierungsstoffe. Dieser Conditioner hingegen wird mit reinem Kokosöl hergestellt, riecht dementsprechend sehr gut und macht mein sprödes Haar weicher. Ein weiterer Pluspunkt: Das Produkt ist frei von Tierversuchen!

"Moisture & Shine Conditioner" by weDo/Professional.

Recommended by Larissa, Editor TRAVELBOOK

The weDo/Professional "Moisture & Shine Conditioner" is my absolute favorite spülung. Hair is silky and not weighed down after use, and the conditioner itself is sustainable, silicone-free and animal-tested. Bonus point: I think the product smells just heavenly. With 19.90 euros für 250 milliliters, it is not günstig, the price in my opinion but definitely worth the money!

Repair Conditioner" from Moroccanoil

Recommended by Anastasia, Junior Affiliate & Campaign Manager

Meine Lieblings-Haarspülung ist der Repair Conditioner" from Moroccanoil (250ml, ca. 24 Euro). Die ist frei von Sulfaten und Parabenen und für strapaziertes und geschädigtes Haar besonders gut geeignet – also perfekt für mich. Ich habe lange Haare, die ich zwei bis drei Mal in der Woche glätte. Die Spülung mit Arganöl sorgt immer zuverlässig dafür, dass sie gesund und gepflegt bleiben und sich auch so anfühlen.