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Super short bob is THE hairstyle trend in spring 2022: This is how cool the short hairstyle looks!

With the rising temperatures outside, we suddenly got the desire to cut our hair. Do you feel the same way? How lucky we are to have so many short hairstyles to choose from this year. Short haircuts are hottest right now than ever before and always provide an exciting and refreshing touch. Whether blunt, tiered, with bangs or undercut – bob variants are now a dime a dozen. The classic belongs to those haircuts that have been around forever and yet never go out of fashion and are always reinterpreted. And now there is a new look that has conquered the fashion world and our hearts. Sassy, chic and yet super feminine – the Super Short Bob is THE hairstyle trend in spring 2022 and the new darling of all fashion girls. What are you waiting for? Call your hairdresser quickly and find your next haircut here!

Super Short Bob: What makes the trend hairstyle?

Super Short Bob with Undercut Short Hairstyles Trends 2022

Are you really in the mood for a change and want more than just a lace cut? Short, shorter, super short bob – this is the best way to describe the hairstyle trend in spring 2022.

Super Short Bob with Bangs what hairstyles for fine thin hair

While the Long Bob has been all the rage for several years, it is getting plenty of competition with the Super Short Bob for the upcoming season. The absolute trademark of the short hairstyle is – as the name suggests – the length. Or rather the shortness.

Short hair trends spring 2022 Super short bob trend hairstyle

Unlike the classic bob, which ends roughly midway between the shoulders and chin, the hair in the super short bob reaches the chin. Admittedly – the haircut does require a bit of courage, but it still looks really chic and classy.

Short hairstyles for curly hair Micro Bob Trend Hairstyle 2022

The tips thereby play around the cheekbones and set our facial features wonderfully in scene. And the best part? Depending on the styling, the Super Short Bob provides ample volume and fullness, making it the perfect short hairstyle for thin hair.

Short bob with bangs trend hairstyles spring summer 2022

Short hairstyles are boring and always look the same? But we see it differently! Whether blunt, with steps, with or without bangs or as a Wavy Bob – there is probably no other haircut that is so versatile and there is guaranteed to be the perfect Super Short Bob for every woman.

Who can wear the short hairstyle?

Short hairstyles with bangs micro bob hairstyle trend spring 2022

The Super Short Bob is a real chameleon and the length can be adjusted by a few centimeters depending on the face type. Since the short haircut visually shortens the face, women with heart-shaped and elongated face shapes can dare to try the trend hairstyle. Women with round faces, on the other hand, should rather opt for an accurate, blunt cut – this gives the face more contour.

Micro Bob Trend Hairstyle Spring 2022 Bangs Hairstyles for Fine Thin Hair

To make angular facial features appear a little softer, combine the Super Short Bob with micro bangs. The trendy Curtain Bangs would also be a flattering option and feel particularly light and refreshing.

How to style the super short bob?

Bangs hairstyles for short hair Super Short Bob trend hairstyle 2022

Also in terms of styling, the Super Short Bob is a real all-rounder and can be styled in the most diverse ways. While straight hair provides a polished and classy look, soft beach waves look a bit more casual and playful. You don’t have time to get your hairstyle in shape in the morning? No problem!

Dua Lipa hairstyles short hair super short bob trend hairstyle 2022

Then just go for natural and let the Super Short Bob air dry. In any case, one thing is clear – there are no limits to your creativity and you can wear the short hairstyle differently every day, depending on your mood. What’s not to love about it?

The short bob with bangs

Bob hairstyles with bangs super short bob trend hairstyle spring 2022

Now that’s what we call Parisian chic at its finest! Bangs hairstyles in every imaginable variation are among the biggest hairstyle trends of the year. So combine your bangs with a super short bob and you have the trendiest haircut of the season! Here, too, you are literally spoiled for choice and can choose from the most diverse bangs variants.

Short hairstyles for fine hair super short bob hairstyle trend spring 2022

Straight cut, short, side swept or playful wispy bangs – the sky is the limit. However, make sure you choose a style that suits your face type and shows off your facial features.

Blunt haircuts are in trend

Super short blunt bob trend hairstyle 2022 short hairstyles fine hair

Super classy, edgy and yet very sophisticated – blunt short hairstyles are celebrating a big comeback and are making their way among the hairstyle trends of the year. An accurately cut short bob exudes a special elegance and the sharp edges make our mane look visually fuller. So, a great option for all women with fine and thin hair. If you have thick or curly hair, you should let the ends thin a little. The blunt bob looks best when you style the hair ultra-smooth with a straightening iron. But the hairstyle can also be worn wonderfully with beach wavers for an airy and playful touch.

how to style short hair Super Short Bob Trend Hairstyle 2022