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Summer hair trend 2022: These are the most beautiful trend hairstyles and hair colors that everyone is crazy about!

Do you also feel the warm summer breeze in the air? Summer is finally here and with it the season of breezy dresses, short shorts and chic hairstyles! And we, as beauty obsessives, think that the change of season is a good time for a little change. The question is: what hairstyles and hair colors are in this season? No doubt your Pinterest board is full of photos and inspirations, but we are here to make your life easier. So let’s get down to business. Below you’ll find all the coolest trending hairstyles and hair colors that should be on your radar as a 2022 summer hair trend. Whether it’s casual bob hairstyles, Y2k hairstyles from the 90s or a fabulous California balayage – there will definitely be no boredom in terms of hairstyles in the coming months. What are you waiting for? Read on and make a quick call to the hair salon!

Fringed hairstyles are THE summer hair trend 2022

summer hair trend 2022 long shag with bangs trend hairstyle

Fancy a new and bold look? Then we have the perfect summer hair trend 2022 for you! Super chic, casual and at the same time very feminine – fringed hairstyles are more in this season than ever before. But we are not surprised, because the haircuts radiate a special liveliness. Since the steps bring plenty of movement and volume into the hair, the hairstyle trend is best suited for women with thin hair. Whether short, long or with bangs does not matter – the main thing is with fringes!

The Mixie Cut as a trend hairstyle

what is mixie cut trend hairstyle summer hair trends 2022

Nixie, Bixie etc. – hybrid hairstyles are a really cool summer hair trend 2022 and we can’t imagine our heads without them. But just when we thought we’ve seen it all, a new trend hairstyle comes our way. Saying: the mixie cut. This is a mix of two timeless retro classics, and they are the Pixie and Mullet. With the Mixie Cut, the hair is worn very short in the front like the Pixie and falls out a bit longer at the nape and sides. The good news is that the mixie cut looks perfect on absolutely every woman and works with any hair texture. In addition, the summer hair trend 2022 is very easy to maintain and styling takes less than 5 minutes. Simply blow-dry the hair briefly with a hairdryer or let it air-dry and bring it into the desired shape with a little hair gel.

Blunt cuts as a trend hairstyle in summer 2022

Blunt cut hairstyle for long hair summer hair trend 2022

Blunt cut hair – that doesn’t sound particularly exciting at first glance, does it? Far from it! Blunt cuts are characterized by an absolutely accurate and straight cut – edges and steps have lost nothing. The 2022 summer hair trend exudes a timeless elegance and looks incredibly classy and glamorous. Whether a blunt bob or a long mane doesn’t matter – the blunt cut works for all hair lengths and always looks stunning. The haircut is ideal for those who want a subtle change and are more into sleek hairstyles.

The boy band bob as a summer hair trend 2022

Short hairstyles trends summer boy bob hairstyle trend 2022

And what would the 2022 summer hair trends be without at least one cool bob variation? For this season, however, we’re ditching the sleek, classic bob for something more androgynous and cool. May we introduce you to the boy band bob? What makes the hairstyle so special? Remember the hairstyles of the guys from Backstreet Boys? Well exactly the same looks the boy band bob as a hairstyle trend 2022! The highlights in the front are a bit longer and reach up to cheekbones. And the best part? We wear the boy band bob in an undone look and the hair doesn’t need to be straightened or curled. Sounds like the perfect summer hairstyle to us, right?

Y2K hairstyles of the 90s.

90s updos pictures summer hair trends 2022

Even though we should always look forward, the past always seems to pop up. But don’t worry, we only mean the hairstyles from the 90s that are making a big comeback this year. The list of typical retro fashion is long and anything but boring. The clothes are colorful, the hairstyles cheeky and the accessories eye-catching. Whether butterfly clips, hair clips, bubble braids, etc. – Y2K styles are THE summer hair trend of 2022 par excellence. The playful accessories have already taken the fashion world by storm and are a great way to add a fun touch to our hairstyles.

Hairstyles with barrette 90s hairstyle trends summer

The absolute favorite of all fashion girls? Hair clips and barrettes in XXL format are absolutely socially acceptable and back on our fashion radar as a summer hair trend in 2022. The accessories are real eye-catchers and a chic way to keep our hair out of our faces. Whether pinned up or as a casual half-up hairstyle – the styling options are endless and the hair clips are the key to uncomplicated yet elegant summer looks.

California Balayage as a hair color trend in summer 2022.

Hair colors trends summer 2022 California balayage hair trend

Fancy a new hair color? Or you want to give your blonde hair a small and refreshing update? Then maybe California Balayage as a summer 2022 hair trend would be just what you need! It’s all about highlights that perfectly frame the face and bright blonde tones that blend effortlessly into the rest of the hair. To achieve the sun-kissed look, a wide variety of blonde shades are used. From soft honey blonde to cool ice blonde, absolutely everything is included. The result? A really unusual and multidimensional look that screams sun and vacation. And the best part? Since the base usually stays dark with California Balayage, you don’t have to worry about re-coloring.

Chocolate Cherry as a summer hair trend 2022

Chocolate Cherry hair color summer hair trend 2022

And of course, the 2022 summer hair trends have something to offer for the brunettes as well. Although this is not the standard direction most of us choose for the summer months, a deep brown is edgy, unexpected and really chic. The combination of soft brown tones and rich cherry red makes Chocolate Cherry an absolute eye-catcher.

Summer hair trend 2022: the most beautiful hairstyles for your next visit to the hairdresser’s

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fringed short hairstyles women summer hair trend 2022

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Bob with bangs styling trend hairstyles summer 2022

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Braids as a summer hair trend 2022 which hairstyles are trendy

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90s hairstyles with hair clip summer hair trend 2022

California balayage is the ultimate trend hair color to make your blonde mane shine

California balayage trend color summer hair trend 2022