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Styling layered bob hairstyles: Find the most beautiful looks to style here!

Blunt bob, boy bob, French bob, etc. – we’ve written maybe a thousand articles about the good old bob, and a new variation keeps popping up that makes our hearts beat faster. The chic short hairstyle just won’t give up its triumphant march and continues to be one of the most beautiful trend hairstyles for 2023. But with short hair, sometimes the repertoire of styling options can come up a little, well, short. That said, bob is not just a bob and the versatile cut always looks a little different. Are you also longing for a little hairstyle update? Then you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes in a sleek look, with light beach waves or casually pinned up – today we show you how to style tiered bob hairstyles. So let’s get started – read on and find the most beautiful looks to re-style here!

Layered bob hairstyles: beach waves for a romantic look

festive hairstyles for short hair layered bob hairstyles styling

The bob with all its variations has #been our absolute number 1 hairstyle for years and the classic has long since fought its way into our hearts. The possibilities to style tiered bob hairstyles are literally endless. But, if you want more oomph and to make your otherwise thin hair look thicker, you can’t go wrong with beach waves.

short hairstyles with bangs layered bob hairstyles

The little waves are totally in and perfect for an effortless yet elegant look. Whether as a festive hairstyle for women over 50 or for everyday life – beach waves are always a good choice and a great eye-catcher.

A voluminous blowout

layered bob hairstyles styling short hairstyles trends 2023

Retro is back and blowout hair was THE hairstyle trend in winter 2022, which fortunately will remain with us in the coming season. The blowout hairstyle from the 90s makes us look like we just marched out of the hair salon and is a great way to style layered bob hairstyles.

make short hair look thicker style layered bob hairstyles

The blowout also adds fullness and volume and makes our hair look much more vibrant. And here’s how easy it is to achieve the retro look:

  • First, add enough heat protection and some mousse to towel-dried hair.
  • Pin back the upper part of the hair.
  • Section off a strand about 2 cm wide from the back of the head and place a round brush under the hair.
  • Dry the hair from top to bottom, turning the brush inward.
  • Repeat with the remaining strands and finally fix them with a little hairspray.
  • The blowout looks even more interesting if you blow dry the ends of the hair alternately outward and inward.

Style layered bob hairstyles à la Rihanna

asymmetrical bob hairstyles trend 2023 style layered bob hairstyles

We all know and love it – Rihanna’s cool bob, which is making a big comeback this year! The haircut feels a bit edgy and provides a youthful, rocking look. To style the layered bob hairstyle and look like the pop diva, a straightening iron is our tool of choice. Simply straighten the hair well after drying and add some hair wax for extra shine.

The side parting is back

Trend hairstyles 2023 short hair layered bob hairstyles stylen.jph

Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact – even when it comes to our hairstyles. Light beach waves and a deep side parting and your look is done – sometimes stepped bob hairstyles can be styled so easily. The rule here is – the deeper the side parting is, the more voluminous and fuller the hair feels.

Spice up the bob with small braids

braided hairstyles for short hair layered bob hairstyles

Romantic braids and braided hairstyles work only with long hair? Well, that’s not the way we see it! There are actually plenty of great braided hairstyles that are best suited for styling layered bob hairstyles. Depending on how long your hair is, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. So unleash your imagination and try several looks until you find what suits your style and hair texture best.

Half-up hairstyles for short hair

bob updos pictures festive hairstyles for short hair

You can also easily put bob hairstyles up just like a long head of hair. You will have to do without an elegant ponytail or a high chignon, but still gives a number of great options to style tiered bob hairstyles. Never underestimate the power of a half-up hairstyle! Especially if your hair is cut shorter than a classic bob or lob, half-up hairstyles are always a great choice. Whether it’s a casual messy bun or an elegant braid, half-up hairstyles are on trend and turn any short hairstyle into a great looker. If you want more volume, it’s best to complement the look with light beach waves.

Style layered bob hairstyles with hair accessories

You have two left hands for braids and co. or time is short again? No problem! Whether hair clips, scarves, scrunchies or hair bands – hair accessories are on trend and a great option to spice up even the plainest hairstyle in no time. The selection of designs and patterns is now huge, so there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

A few more great looks to style

short hairstyles with curls layered bob hairstyles styling wispy bob hairstyle trend

The side parting for extra volume and fullness

styled tiered bob hairstyles short hair hairstyles with curls

The retro blowout is trendy and a great eye-catcher

Rita Ora hairstyles short hair layered bob hairstyles styling

Style layered bob hairstyles with bangs for a romantic look