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Style Curtain Bangs: These bangs hairstyles for long straight hair can be styled without a straightening iron!

Curtain bangs have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. The extra-long, tiered bangs wrap around the face and cheat it narrower. But what is the best way to style them? Especially if you have long, straight hair, styling them can prove to be a difficult task. We will show you several haircuts and hairstyles that are suitable for everyday use and yet elegant.

Curtain bangs for long and straight hair: Here’s what you should keep in mind when styling.

Curtain bangs for straight hair styling hairstyles and tips.

Short or down to the cheekbones: Hairdressers are on fire again for curtain bangs. The curtain bangs can be adapted to any face and look simply great on women with wide, as well as on women with elongated faces. Curtain bangs can be styled differently depending on your mood and are for everyone who wants to change something in their hairstyle.

Curtain Bangs for women with blonde hair color

With curtain bangs, the fringe is parted in the middle. The length of the fringe varies – the inner ones are short, the outer ones – longer. The Curtain Bangs can be combined prima with a step cut, in which the bangs merge into the length. The trend hairstyle, with which the fashion icon Brigitte Bardot first appeared in the 60s, then fell into oblivion. Until the fashion girls in Great Britain rediscovered it for themselves. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the haircut is that it is suitable for everyday use.

Curtain bangs for straight hair: styling for everyday use

Curtain Bangs Hairstyle for Women with Straight and Thick Hair

For now: curtain bangs, like all bangs hairstyles, need to be shortened regularly. However, the monthly visit to the hairdresser pays off, because this way the bangs just lie perfectly and you save time on styling.

Styling Curtain Bangs with a hairdryer

Curtain Bangs for straight hair styling without straighteners

The fastest and easiest way is to style Curtain Bangs in the morning with a blow dryer and a round brush. Very important here is that you first wash the bangs and then comb them. The hair should be slightly damp, then you can start styling. Then take the hair dryer in one hand and the round brush in the other. Place the brush over the hair and turn the bangs outward, strand by strand. Use hairspray to set the hairstyle.

Curtain bangs for thin hair: how to get the hairstyle more volume

Curtain Bangs for long straight hair beach look styling

Women with thin hair will benefit from the so-called beach look. Style the hair and bangs directly after washing with a warm air brush to conjure up more fullness.

Curtain bangs and straight hair with extra volume in the hairline

Curtain bangs styling tips for long straight hair.

Alternatively, you can simply comb the straight hair and blow dry it overhead, using a warm air brush to slightly twist the bangs outward against the direction of hair growth.

Step cut with curtain bangs blow dry properly

Curtain bangs and butterfly haircut

Blow dry the steps and curtain bangs outwards to create a playful look à la Farrah Fawcett. Her hairstyle in the 70s made her a role model for millions of women.

updo with bangs: the stars show how it’s done

Chignon hairstyles for women with bangs and straight hair

Curtain bangs can also compliment updos. You just need to comb the bangs and then possibly turn them inward.

Dutt and Curtain Bangs style like the stars Pryanka Chopra

For more texture, you can fix two strands in the front with hairspray. The updo will then look particularly feminine and elegant.

Stars with bangs hairstyle and ponytail Camilla Cabello

Ponytail hairstyles also look better in combination with Curtain Bangs. The bangs should be styled a little shorter and more voluminous in the middle. On the sides, the fringe may run out longer and thus frame the face.

Updo for women with long straight hair casual chignon Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez recently presented the perfect party hairstyle: a casual chignon and curtain bangs that fall straight down.

What is an absolute no-go when styling?

Blow dry hairstyles for women with medium length and long hair and curtain bangs.

When styling the trendy bangs hairstyle, you should take into account a few things.

1. wash the bangs right before styling. This will allow you to give the strands the shape you want. The fringe gets, anyway faster dirty than the rest of the hair, because we touch it much more often in everyday life. Sometimes because it falls on the eyes, sometimes to give it the desired shape. And sometimes simply unconsciously.

Hairstyles for women with straight long hair and bangs

2. Match the styling of the hairstyle to the styling of the curtain bangs. That is – straight hair, slightly curved strands around the face. Wavy hair – bangs curved backwards.

Hairstyles for long straight hair to style with curtain bangs

3. Especially if you have straight hair, you should always fix the bangs with hairspray. Otherwise, it will quickly lose volume.

long straight hair with curtain bangs style ponytail

4. in the wind and rain curtain bangs quickly lose their shape. Therefore, it is much better to wear a hat on these days.

casual chignon with curtain bangs styling tips

5. never recut the curtain bangs yourself. As simple as it may look, cutting a fringe is a job for the hairdresser.

Bangs hairstyles for straight hair asymmetrical parting.