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Strengthen hair in autumn with home remedies: Causes of weak hair and care tips for the right hair routine!

Autumn is a time for beautiful walks in the woods, but it’s also the perfect excuse to don your loungewear and spend a night with oodles of hot chocolate. When the season changes and the weather gets colder, you can experience all sorts of hair problems, including dry scalp and frizzy hair. So read on for some top tips to help you strengthen your hair this fall. Discover the perfect hair routine for the cold season.

Causes of weak hair

Your diet may be lacking important nutrients such as iron, copper, zinc and proteins

1. nutrient deficiencies
You may be lacking important nutrients in your diet such as iron, copper, zinc and proteins. Vitamin D deficiency is also a cause of weak hair and hair loss. To avoid this, be sure to get plenty of sun exposure.

2. hormonal imbalance
After the age of 30, women may experience a hormonal imbalance that can lead to hair loss. This is usually caused by excessive conversion of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Although estrogen is the main hormone women produce, testosterone and other androgens such as DHEA also occur in the female body. When women reach a certain age, they may begin to convert these androgens into DHT.

If the thyroid gland produces too much or too little thyroid hormones, the hair growth cycle can change

3. problems with the thyroid gland
If the thyroid gland, located in the front of the neck, produces too much or too little thyroid hormone, the hair growth cycle may change. However, if you have a thyroid problem, you will notice other symptoms besides hair loss, such as weight gain or loss, sensitivity to cold or heat, and changes in heart rate.

5. stress
Extreme stress can cause sudden hair loss , which can last for several months. Minimizing stress through exercise, meditation, yoga and massage reduces the likelihood of hair loss.

Strengthen hair in autumn: helpful care tips.

Damaged hair has a straw-like texture and can be cut to promote growth

1. regular cutting
Hair is usually most damaged near the tips, and a good trim every six to eight weeks can help solve your problems. Damaged hair has a straw-like texture and can be cut to promote growth and remove split ends.

2. avoid hot shower
As soothing as hot showers can be, they dry out the hair strands (just like the skin) and strip the scalp of its natural oils, resulting in dry, brittle hair that is more prone to breakage. Instead, opt for lukewarm water and try to rinse hair at the lowest temperature.

3. do not comb wet hair
When wet, our strands have never been so fragile and prone to breakage. That’s why it’s important to comb them with a coarse-tooth comb or let them air dry before each styling session.

4. do not wear tight hairstyles
Pulling too tightly on the hair roots causes damage and should be avoided. It is also best not to tie your hair too tightly while sleeping.

It is extremely important to know the type of your scalp and choose the right shampoo

5. use the right shampoo
It is extremely important to know the type of your scalp and choose the right shampoo. Also, you need to wash your hair according to your scalp type. For example, if you wash your hair too often if you have a dry scalp, it can lead to hair loss, or if you don’t wash your oily hair three times a week, it can lead to that as well. Additionally, make sure that the shampoo is not loaded with chemicals such as sulfates, parabens and silicones, which can make your hair brittle and therefore fragile.

6. diet and exercise
You need to provide your hair with the right nutrients, especially plenty of protein and iron. However, in addition to a balanced diet, pay attention to physical activity. Yoga and meditation are effective remedies for hair loss.

You can strengthen your hair in the fall with some helpful hair care tips

7. avoid chemical treatments
Severe hair treatments like straightening, perming and coloring are definitely not good for your locks. Also, avoid using blow dryers and curling irons, especially on wet hair, as they boil the water in the hair shaft and make the hair brittle. If you really need to blow dry, you should choose the lowest heat setting. If you use other products that heat your hair, start with a strengthening leave-in conditioner and finish with a protective spray. If you use too many chemical-laden products on your hair, it may prove harmful in the long run. Better leave them alone and try natural homemade recipes instead.

8. moisturize your hair
Regardless of the season, moisturizing your hair is the most important part of any hair care routine. Thick, curly, natural hair is more prone to dryness compared to loose and straight textures. This is due to the shape of the strands and the natural sebum produced by the scalp, which is difficult to transport through the hair shaft. When moisturizing your hair, pay special attention to the ends. This is the oldest part of the hair and therefore the weakest.

Natural remedies for strengthening hair

Strengthen hair in the fall with home remedies - causes of weak hair and care tips for the right hair routine.

1. apply a hair oil
Hair oil is liquid gold for weak hair and can do wonders for dry or irritated scalp. Oils improve blood circulation and nourish the hair roots. Massage your hair once a week with an oil that suits your scalp. Cover it with a shower cap and wash it off with a mild shampoo after two hours. Experts recommend applying the oil to your scalp and then running a hairbrush over your hair and scalp about 100 times to gently exfoliate it. With this treatment, your hair will become super strong and shiny again.

2. essential oils that help with weak hair.

Lavender essential oil
Lavender is known to accelerate hair growth. It has properties that help with cell formation and stress reduction. Researchers have found that it also helps with hair growth. An added benefit is that it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that also help improve scalp health. To use this oil, mix lavender oil with 3 tablespoons of a carrier oil, such as olive oil or melted coconut oil, and apply it directly to your scalp. Leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it out with a shampoo. You can do this process several times a week.

Strengthen hair in the fall - lavender is known to accelerate hair growth

Peppermint essential oil
Studies with peppermint oil have shown that it increases the number of follicles, follicle depth and overall hair growth. It also helps promote hair growth during the growth phase. Mix 2 drops of peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice. Massage your scalp – this also acts as a stress reliever – and leave on for 5 minutes before washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.

Rosemary essential oil
If you see hair thickness as a problem in addition to hair growth, rosemary hair oil is a good choice for you. It has the ability to improve cell formation. The application of rosemary oil on the scalp is the same as that of lavender oil.

In addition to a change of shampoo and conditioner, you should also regularly treat your mane to a hair treatment

3. use a nourishing mask
In addition to a change of shampoo and conditioner, you should also regularly treat your mane to a hair treatment. Soothe and protect your strands with a weekly care mask of natural products . It is a small miracle that works while you sleep. You can apply the mask directly to the hair, and it absorbs immediately. Wake up and say “good morning” to healthy, shiny hair. So you can strengthen your hair in the fall with regular care!