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Strawberry brown is the trend hair color of the hour! How brunettes spice up their hair with shades of red

There are many ways to add a playful touch of red to your color. But make room, blondes, because strawberry brunettes will steal your spotlight. Save the coppery and maroon hues for the cool fall and winter months, and make room for the trendy strawberry brown before summer is over. We’ll tell you all about this color trend and give you plenty of ideas for inspiration.

Trend hair color 2022: What does the trendy strawberry brown look like?

Strawberry brunette hair color trend 2022

Some time ago, model Gigi Hadid made a splash by introducing us to the absolutely adorable strawberry blonde hair color. We all fell in love with the combination of blonde hair with delicate shades of red, and the Strawberry Blonde color has been one of the most popular hair colors ever since. This year, the trend continues with the reddish strawberry notes now being paired with brown hair. The resulting mixture is called Strawberry Brunette or Strawberry Brown and we are totally smitten with this dark shade with red nuances.

Strawberry brown is a dark brown shade with red undertones. The hair color is similar to the already known copper brown and chestnut brown, but in the new variant, the red is much more pronounced.

Dye your hair strawberry brown: here’s how!

Strawberry Brunette dark hair with red highlights

If you also think this hair color is cool and would like to try it, then you can get the best results at your trusted hairdresser. He will take into account your current hair color and together you will find the right shade of strawberry brown. It always helps if you have a picture of the desired result with you, so that the hairdresser has an idea of what is expected of him.

If you like to experiment and prefer to color your hair yourself, you can also find suitable products in the drugstore to achieve a strawberry-brown tone. If you can’t find products labeled Strawberry Brown or Strawberry Brown, then look for other reddish-brown shades that might give similar results.

Strawberry Brown: How to wear the trendy hair color in 2022.

Brown hair with red undertone

Just like any other hair color, strawberry brown can be worn in different shades and intensities. Strawberry brown looks beautiful with both light and darker shades of brown, and now we take a look at the most beautiful variants. Let us inspire you!

Brown-pink balayage

Hair color strawberry brown balayage for dark brown hair

A pink balayage look creates an effortless strawberry brown. If you’re worried that the strawberry shade won’t go well with your naturally dark base color, consider a highlighting method like balayage, which gives your hair just a hint of brightness and requires less maintenance.

Dark strawberry brown with gradient.

Dark strawberry brown with color gradient

Here, you’re looking at a strawberry brown gradient with a richer strawberry hue near your natural brunette hairline that fades into a lighter brown-pink tone towards the ends. As with any good highlight, it’s important to keep the ends and the parts framing the face lighter for a natural look.

Trend hair color dark brown with strawberry highlights

Care tip: It is important to use a good shampoo and conditioner for colored hair after coloring the hair, so that the color remains vibrant and does not fade.

A warm shade perfect for late summer

Summer trend dark brown hair with reddish highlights

Blonde highlights aren’t the only way to go when it comes to adding some warmth to your natural brown base tone. Swap out the golden highlights for a surprising strawberry hue without compromising your desired brightness. Strawberry brown hair can add a lot of warmth to the skin, and it’s fun to try with any natural hair color.

Rosé Brown with Gradient

Strawberry Brunette strawberry brown hair color with gradient pink

A dark hairline is the perfect base for a playful gradient, especially when you combine a berry shade for the tips with dark brown. It seems that the combo of strawberries and chocolate is not only delicious, but also very stylish as a hair color.

Multicolored berry tones

Trend hair colors for brunettes berry tones highlights

The strawberry brown color can also be wonderfully combined with other berry shades. Add highlights in cherry, raspberry and strawberry to your dark mane to get a multi-layered hair color that looks great in any season.

Hair color strawberry brown without highlights

Strawberry brown trend hair color 2022

Strawberry brown looks beautiful in many variations, like this reddish brown that goes with almost any skin tone. To find the best shade for you, you should go by your skin tone.

If you are fair, a light strawberry brown will look good on you. If you have olive or dark skin, you’ll look gorgeous with a deeper, russet version.