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Stepped bob with bangs: check out these chic variations the most popular hairstyle trend in 2022

Gibt es ein Mädchen oder eine Frau, die noch nie einen Bob-Haarschnitt ausprobiert hat? Bob-Frisuren in verschiedenen Längen und Stilen sind längst zu unser aller Liebling geworden. Immer mehr Frauen entscheiden sich für einen modernen und unkomplizierten Look und wählen einen Stepped bob mit Pony. Ein gestufter Bob mit Pony ist eine Frisur, die in Lagen geschnitten und mit einem Pony gepaart ist. Kinnhaarschnitte und kürzere Frisuren sind die stilvollsten Varianten dieses Stils. Sie zeichnen sich durch fransige Enden, lustige Asymmetrie und herrliche Texturen aus. Ombre und ein gerader Pony sorgen für einen üppigen Look. Egal, welche Variante dieser Frisur Sie wählen, Sie können also versichert sein, dass die Suche nach einem zeitgemäßen, stilvollen Kurzhaarschnitt, der keine Pflege erfordert, vorbei ist. Lesen Sie weiter und wählen Sie den richtigen Stufenbob mit Pony für Sie.

How long should a layered bob be?

Two shades and a slicked fringe create a lush look

Deciding on a layered bob hairstyle starts with deciding to cut off most of your hair. If you’ve always had long hair, this can be daunting. The good thing about the layered bob with bangs is that it retains the best feature of bob hairstyles, which is the tendency to suit everyone.

A bob hairstyle is always a good choice because it suits any face shape. All you need to do is choose a unique hairstyle or length. If you are wondering what length to choose for a Stepped bob is good enough, you need to learn about the different lengths.

The ear-length bob is one of the shortest lengths. It frames the face just as well as other bob lengths, but is only suitable for those who are willing to depilate. Other lengths are chin-length, which gives you an Egyptian queen look, mid-length is slightly longer, and then there’s the layered long bob with angled bangs . The long bob hairstyle is technically called a lob. It is designed for those who want to try a bob hairstyle but are not quite sure.

How to style tiered bob with bangs

Messy layered bob with bangs is a real eye catcher

Bangs hair is also a popular hairstyle with a wide range of suitability for women. Everyone loves bangs, just like they love a bob hairstyle. So it’s only natural that we bring both hairstyles together for an even more exquisite look. Once you know which bangs suit you best, styling a bob hairstyle with bangs and layers is easy. There are different types of bangs, but here are some factors you can use to guide your style:

  • Choose a fringe that blends well with the bob hairstyle.
  • Consider a fringe that falls lightly on the eyebrows.
  • Cut a long fringe first and then slowly transition to a length that suits you.

A layered bob with bangs will make you look effortlessly classy. Check out these hairstyles for your next haircut visit.

Wavy hair, straight bangs

Multi-layered wavy bob with bangs is top hairstyle

Paired with a brightening balayage on a wavy blonde bob, a long straight fringe is the perfect touch to liven up the look. To avoid a poofy look, be strategic when adding waves.

Inverted bob with bangs and layers

Inverted bob with bangs and layers is a bold suggestion

After your stylist shapes your locks into a long, inverted bob, have her part the hair on the side to form a tiered pony. These side-swept bangs are a graceful addition.

Layered bob hairstyle with bangs for women over 50

Multi-layered bob with bangs for women over 50

Many women over 50 tend to opt for a layered bob as they get older. The short hairstyles are easy to style and look especially stylish with a side parting.

Shaggy layered haircut with bangs

Shaggy bob is always sexy

A shaggy bob hairstyle is always sexy, and with a wavy curtain fringe, the look looks very edgy. Face framing layers flatter any face shape.

Tiered Bob with Curtain Bangs

Mit einem Stepped bob  mit Curtain Bangs können Sie einen neuen Look kreieren

The most commonly styled bangs are straight, but if you add waves or curls, you can create a whole new look. Try a short, wavy bob hairstyle.

Chin-length haircut with blunt bangs

Chin-length bob with blunt bangs is a classic

A sleek, short, layered bob with bangs that accentuates your face and exposes your neck. It is the best style to show off your cleavage.

Medium length hair styling with side swept bangs.

A medium length bob with side swept bangs will make you look effortlessly classy

If you know side-swept bangs are your thing, jazz them up with a layered mid-length bob hairstyle.

Chic hairstyle with strand bangs

Tiered bob with strand bangs perfectly frames your face

Chic Long Layered Bob with Bangs perfectly frames your face and gives you a youthful, elegant look.

Curly bob with side swept bangs.

Try it with lush curls and side swept bangs

Try it with lush curls and side swept bangs für einen Hauch von Klasse.

Straight hairstyle with bangs

Mid-length layered bob with bangs is ideal for modern older women

The length saves you from the big cut, but the seductive layered look of the long bob is maintained with a short, thick fringe.

Structured messy hair with character

How long should a layered bob be

Textured bob hairstyles are always a real eye-catcher. They add character to the style, and the bangs make this hairstyle even more special.

The tightly curled stepped bob is unique

The tightly curled long bob with bangs is unique

If you have or want to have rich, thick curls, but also want to wear a bobcut, this hairstyle is the best choice. A visit to the hairdresser can bring out this unique layered bob with bangs.