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Step cut hairstyles 2023: So beautiful are the trends for short, medium and long hair

New year, new haircut: So according to the motto we let us cut our hair at the beginning of the year. Of course, with steps, because they conjure up volume and give the hairstyle structure. Which step cut hairstyles are trendy in 2023, we tell you in the article.

Step cut hairstyles 2023: These short haircuts are perfect for the start of the new year!

Mullet haircut with steps fringed trend hairstyles 2023

If you believe the trend predictions from the fashion weeks in Paris and London, then layered short hairstyles will make a real comeback this year. Fortunately, most hairstyles for short hair are so versatile that they can be easily stepped.

For example, the popular Mullet hairstyle , which gains volume by layering. The look is perfect for women with thin hair. Bangs covering the eyebrows and stepped side parts add to the appeal of the haircut and emphasize the facial features. A few fringed highlights around the ears give the hairstyle an edgy look.

Step cut hairstyles with undercut: the trend for 2023

Short haircuts with shaved sides and steps

Self-confident, special and feminine: the combination of undercut and layered cut looks surprisingly good. In this case, the hair is shortened or shaved off at the sides and the top hair remains long. The subtle steps allow for cool styling, with the top hair combed over the shortened sections of hair. This makes the haircut look more voluminous.

Fringed stepped bob

fringed step cuts for short hair bob

A fringed, stepped bob creates volume. At the same time, the hairstyle is perfect for those who want to avoid regular split ends. The steps allow for different stylings. But even without styling, the easy-care hairstyle looks good in the morning.

Short haircuts shag hairstyles with bangs

Step cut hairstyles 2023: How to set the scene for medium-length hair

asymmetrical bob with highlights for medium length hair

Even when it comes to hairstyles for medium length hair, the bob is at the top of the list of the most popular hairstyles. This year, however, we opt for an asymmetrical cut.

Lob for thin hair

lob for thin hair trend hairstyle 2023

The long bob (lob for short) is hipper than ever this year. However, the hairstyle gets a trendy update. The hair is worn shoulder-length – or a few centimeters longer and is stepped at eye level. The changeable trend hairstyle flatters the face and conjures up more fullness.

Medium-length hairstyles with steps: Waterfall Layers

medium length hair cut in steps for more volume

Waterfall Layers is the name of the hottest summer trend for season 2023. The special feature of the popular layered cut is that the hair length is maintained. However, the hair is stepped down and thinned out so that it weighs less. In this way, they do not hang limply down. With the hairdryer you can style the hairstyle super fast and give it more structure.

Stepped hairstyles for more volume for medium length hair 2023

In 2023, naturalness is paramount. Therefore, with every cut, the hair structure is also taken into consideration. Hidden steps are therefore fully in trend right now. The step usually begins in the middle and lower area.

Step cut hairstyles for long hair

layered cuts for medium length hair 2023Face framing

Every hair and every hairstyle tolerates a step cut. It is important that this is adapted to the length of the hair. Therefore, for long hair, the steps should start from the chin height. As in the case of face framing – the coolest trend for long hair. As the name suggests, in this cut several subtly stepped highlights frame the face. The hair color is crucial for the final effect. The highlights are colored a shade lighter than the hair.

Step cuts for long hair Layer framing

Face framing is therefore a combination of step cut and highlights. The bright highlights in the front additionally emphasize the beautiful summer complexion and are therefore the best choice for the months between May and September. For the ultimate summer styling, shape beach waves with a round brush and a blow dryer. This way, the haircut looks feminine and playful at the same time.

The step cut hairstyles 2023 are more versatile than ever. This year, there is a suitable haircut for every hair structure and length. So take a chance and ask for one of the trendy hairstyles listed above at your next hairdresser visit. Whether a cool bob or a shag cut, maybe a lob or the face-framing highlights: The variations are simply endless.