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Stars with gray hair 2022: the trend of embracing the traces of time has even reached Hollywood

Every day more and more stars with gray hair say “no” to hiding their natural color. The passage of time leaves traces and gray hair is one of them. Some people are ashamed of these traces and try to hide them, while others are proud to show the world that they have aged and that they can cope with it. This is exactly the case with some stars with gray hair 2022, who are not afraid to show off their gray mane and even make sure that everyone gets a good look at it.

Stars with gray hair 2022 - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

However, if you are not quite there yet but still want to try to incorporate gray hair as a trend in your look, there is a process called ” gray blending ” that allows you to do just that. This is a transitional style that uses the natural gray tones like highlights.

Incorporating gray hair into your look as a trend is the new thing in Hollywood

The trend “gray hair “in 2022 is going towards natural hair beautification. Here are some stars with gray hair who embrace their natural color – and showcase it perfectly.

Stars with gray hair 2022 they do not want to hide

Stars with gray hair 2022 they do not want to hide 

Andie MacDowell
Gray hair, once a sure sign of aging that seemingly didn’t apply to famous women, is quickly being embraced by all types of celebrities. For Andie MacDowell, whose gray hair began to grow when she was forced to forgo hairdressing during quarantine, it’s all about the salt-and-pepper look – just like men in Hollywood, who have always been allowed to age without fuss.

“Right at the beginning of quarantine, my hair started growing, and every time my kids saw me, they told me I looked badass with my gray hair,” the actress revealed. “I like to compare myself to George Clooney, and why not? I’ve been saying for a while that it was time for me personally to make that change because I felt like it fit my personality and who I am.”

With this hairstyle Lisa Bont shows that she is not afraid of getting older

Lisa Bonnet
Most of us know the stunning Lisa Bonnet from 1980s television, when she played the role of Denise Huxtable on the legendary sitcom “The Cosby Show.” But more than 30 years later, Bonnet still looks stunning without hiding the fact that she’s not a girl anymore.

Gwyneth Paltrow proudly shows off her gray hair

Gwyneth Paltrow
The actress is another celebrity who joined the trend of showing her gray hair, and she seems very happy about it. Although her hair is blonde and the gray hairs are rather hidden among the golden strands, you can still see them.

Every day stars with gray hair say no to hiding their natural color

Salma Hayek
“Be proud of your roots,” says renowned actress Salma Hayek. And if we had to decide what type of woman Hayek is just based on the pictures she posts on social media, it would be easy to say that she is an inspiring woman who embraces her natural beauty at any age.

Younger Hollywood stars also embrace the “gray hair” look

For some Hollywood stars, showing off their gray mane is a no-brainer

Katie Holmes
Katie is not only a famous actress, but also an icon in the world of fashion and beauty. She has not only attended an event where she showed off her gray hair, and undoubtedly this trend makes her look much more natural and authentic. There is no reason why someone needs to hide their gray hair when Katie Holmes doesn’t, is there?

Young stars with gray hair - Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton
The actress is one of the many celebrities who are not ashamed to show their audience the traces that appear over time. This is predominantly true for her hair. She has uploaded more than a few pictures on Instagram showing off her amazing long blonde hair and a distinctive gray and white color that highlights her roots. By the way, the look suits her perfectly!

Gray hair as a trend for men

Gray hair as a trend in men - David Beckham

David Beckham
This retired British athlete is approaching 50, but age suits him sо well.

Stars with gray hair - Steve Carell wears a thick wave of gray locks today

Steve Carell
When you hear the name Steve Carell, you might think of the “World’s Greatest Boss” from Dunder Mifflin, but the brunette has come a long way since his days as Michael Scott in The Office. Today, the actor sports a thick wave of gray curls – and looks even better.

The gray hair trend - Steve Martin has picked it up since he was young

Steve Martin
The star went white at a young age and never bothered with dye jobs, and we can see why. The look just suits him.

With a head full of gray, Hollywood star Rob Lowe looks great

Rob Lowe
In the 80s and 90s, Rob Lowe was a teen icon, a heartbreaker known for his tousled brown hair and piercing baby blue face. But in 2011, he surprised his fans with the role of Chris Trager in “Parks and Recreation,” with a head full of gray that remains so today.

Brad Pitt looks great at any age and with any hair color

Brad Pitt
It really doesn’t matter how much he changes – Brad Pitt looks great at any age.

Silver fox George Clooney - gray suits him well

George Clooney
This list simply wouldn’t be complete without silver fox George Clooney.