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Stacked Bob: So chic looks the trend hairstyle in winter 2021 for short hair!

Elongated Bob, Collarbone Bob, Grungy Bob, etc. – this year we just can’t get enough of fashionable and chic bob hairstyles and variants. The classic is undoubtedly one of the absolute favorite cuts of all fashion-conscious women and we are not surprised. Because no matter what face shape, what length and what hair type – there is always the right bob hairstyle! If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that everything old will eventually be new again. And a prime example of this is the Stacked Bob! The edgy cut has proudly withstood the test of time and is making a big comeback this season. Whether you’re already sick of your long mane or just want to freshen up your short hairstyle a bit, the Stacked Bob can be the perfect answer. Curious to know more? Read on to see for yourself how cool this on-trend hairstyle looks for winter 2021!

What exactly is a stacked bob?

Victoria Beckham hairstyles pictures stacked bob hairstyle trend winter 2021

Chic, edgy and extremely elegant – the stacked bob was already a big hit circa 15 years ago and is making a big comeback for this season. This is a short bob that is cut at the nape of the neck – so short in the back and long in the front. So the trend hairstyle is the small and more modern cousin of the classic asymmetrical bob that we all know and love. Remember the epic cut of Victoria Beckham or Rihanna in the early 2000s? Well that’s exactly what is meant by the trend hairstyle in winter 2021. Whether ultra short or in the lob variant – the cut can quietly vary a bit in length and can thus be wonderfully adapted to every taste. How strong the transition between the front and back hair part turns out, is purely a matter of taste – either way, the Stacked Bob always looks perfect.

Haircuts fine hair Stacked Bob Hairstyle Winter 2021

The Stacked Bob gives us a complete make-over and changes our entire look in no time. So, it’s the perfect choice for those who feel brave and want to try something new and exciting! Since the cutting technique provides ample volume and gives more fullness to our mane, the Stacked Bob works wonders especially for fine hair.

Who does the trend hairstyle suit in winter 2021?

short hair styling stacked bob hairstyle trends winter 2021

And now the good news! Absolutely every woman can wear the Stacked Bob and rock the trend hairstyle! Whether for oval, angular or round faces – there is always a suitable variant. The only important thing is to find the look that suits you best. To make sure you leave the hair salon happy, discuss with your hairdresser how much the hair should be staggered.

Hairstyle trends winter 2021 Stacked Bob hairstyle for fine hair

So make sure you bring some photos so he can get a better idea of how you want your Stacked Bob to look. Bangs are also great to combine with the Stacked Bob and give the hairstyle a feminine, elegant touch.

How do we style the stacked bob?

Rihanna hairstyles short hair stacked bob cut at the nape of the neck

One of the reasons why we love the stacked bob so much is that it gives us a variety of styling options. Whether sleek in a sleek look or elegant with soft beach waves – there are no limits to your imagination. Numerous celebrities and fashion icons like Rihanna, Halle Berry and Victoria Beckham have already tried out the look in all its variations and have shown us how versatile a short hairstyle can actually be.

Bob hairstyles for fine hair hairstyle trends winter 2021

It all depends on how you feel! While the sleek look requires a bit more work, every now and then you can even let your hair air dry and take on its natural texture. So chic, yet so easy to maintain – what’s not to love about the stacked bob?

The trend hairstyle for curly hair

Finding a suitable and flattering hairstyle for curly hair can sometimes become a real challenge. Not anymore. The stacked bob actually looks really fantastic on a curly head of hair. At the same time, you can combine it with a classic parting, as well as with a fringe that falls casually into the face. And the most beautiful thing? Styling it is a real breeze and takes no more than 5 minutes. In this case, the rule is: the more casual, the better the Stacked Bob looks. Simply define and shape the curls with some hair mousse and you’re good to go.

The hairstyle also looks perfect with bangs

Bangs Hairstyles Winter 2021 Stacked Bob Hair Trend

The stacked bob with bangs is THE hairstyle trend in winter 2021! Whether a side fringe, straight cut or the trendy curtain bangs – the variations are literally endless. And a very nice side effect of the trendy look is that it allows you to skillfully and stylishly conceal minor wrinkles on the forehead and in the eye area. So, if you are looking for a hairstyle that will make you look a few years younger, then the Stacked Bob with Bangs is the perfect choice for you.

Stacked Bob: The most beautiful hairstyles for re-styling at a glance.

Stacked bob hairstyle trends winter 2021 short hairstyles for fine hair.

The trend hairstyle gives thin hair more fullness and volume

Two Tone Hair Hairstyle Stacked Bob Hairstyle Trend Winter 2021

A bob cut at the nape of the neck is perfect for those who want a radical change

Stacked bob hairstyle pictures trend hairstyles winter 2021

Casual yet ultra chic – the stacked bob with soft beach waves.

Stacked bob hairstyle pictures hair trends winter 2021

The hairstyle trend is extremely versatile and suits absolutely every woman perfectly

Stacked bob hairstyle winter 2021 short haircuts trends

With side bangs, the haircut feels incredibly refreshing and modern

what hairstyles for fine hair Stacked Bob hair trend winter 2021

The look is perfect for giving your short hair a refreshing touch

Bob haircuts trends 2021 short hairstyles fine hair

The hairstyle is also very versatile when it comes to hair length

Bob cut at the nape of the neck Short hairstyles for thin hair

The cutting technique conjures up more volume and fullness in no time at all

Hairstyles fine hair stacked bob trend hairstyle winter 2021

In combination with a bold hair color, the trend hairstyle becomes a real eye-catcher

Hair Color Trends 2021 Stacked Bob Hairstyle Winter