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Slip Bangs Pony: The trend hairstyle for summer 2021

Curtain bangs still captured our hearts in 2020. At the time, we thought that hardly any bangs put the face in such a flattering way as this one. Now, the hairstyle trend has gotten a stylish upgrade: in the summer of 2021, everyone is wearing slip bangs! Our new fringe favorite is much easier to style than a classic fringe and suits every face shape. Celebs like J.Lo and Camila Cabello have discovered the trend for themselves. Read about what makes the trend hairstyle work here.

What do slip bangs look like?

Slip Bangs ist eine Pony-Frisur mit 70er-Jahre-Vibe

Slip bangs are worn with a center parting and are something like the extended version of the hyped curtain bangs. The lengths are cut at an angle and blend smoothly into the rest of the hair. These brow fringes are ideal for summer because they do not get greasy and deformed due to sweating. Plus, the strands of slip bangs can easily be tied into a braid or tucked away. Even if your bangs grow out, they will still look beautiful and blend seamlessly into your lengths.

How to style the slip bangs pony

Pony Frisur 2021 - Slip Bangs im Trend

So how do you style your slip bangs bangs? Use a blow dryer and a round brush to get super results. To get the bangs smooth, hold the hair dryer with the nozzle across the brush and blow dry from top to bottom. For tips that are twisted outwards, slowly roll out the brush.

If you want to give the bangs even more smoothness and shine, you can go over them with a straightening iron and then apply a smoothing hair oil. This will create a polished look.

Create a natural undone look

pony frisur 2021 lange haare

Slip bangs also look great when hair is air dried or styled into beach waves. Relaxed styling without heat is not only ideal for hot summer days, but is also gentle on the hair structure. Add texture spray or mousse to damp hair and knead it in with your fingers to give the hair more hold and grip.

Bangs get greasy quickly in the summer?

pony frisur slip bangs für kurze stirn

Are you worried about your bangs getting greasy quickly in the summer? Dry shampoo is the perfect styling product to absorb excess grease and freshen up bangs between washes. Plus, it also adds some volume, which looks great with this look.

Hairstyles with slip bangs

Slip Bangs Frisur für Hochzeit - Haare hochstecken

We love the cool 70s vibe that this hair trend gives off, and that the style is so versatile. You can wear your hair down and either style it super sleek and smooth or more casual and natural. Updos also look incredibly chic with slip bangs, especially when the center-parted fringe is combined with a ponytail or a loose chignon.

Slip Bangs sehen toll zu einem High Bun oder Pferdeschwanz aus

What hair color for bangs?

pony frisur 2021 - slip bangs sind längere Variante von curtain bangs

Having your slip bangs colored lighter for summer is a great way to give your hair a sun-kissed look and frame your face more effectively. This will really show off your facial features and your eyes.

The trend hairstyle suits all face shapes

pony frisur und halblange haare für kurze stirn

The best thing about this hair trend is that it suits every face shape, because the bangs can be varied in length. Let your hairdresser advise you which look suits your face shape best.

pony frisur für rundes gesicht und feines haar - slip bangs

Women with a round or heart-shaped face should opt for thinner and fringy bangs that are gently graduated to chin length. This will soften and balance their facial features.

pony frisur für eckiges gesicht

Do you have an angular face? It would be ideal if the bangs are worn shorter so that they gently hug and conceal the pronounced cheekbones.

Slip Bangs mittig gescheitelter Pony bei ovalem Gesicht

The oval face shape basically harmonizes with all bangs variants, but a fuller fringe that is not much stepped or thinned out looks especially beautiful with this face shape.

pony frisur bei dickem gesicht

If you have a high forehead, you should choose a longer fringe to balance this out, and if you have a short forehead, a shorter fringe is a good choice to create the impression of a higher brow.

pony frisur und halblange haare

Die Trend-Frisur Slip Bangs steht allen Gesichtsformen