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Sleek Bun styling à la Hailey Bieber: This is how quickly you can achieve the elegant updo for all hair lengths!

Girly braids, half-open hairstyles or romantic beach waves – the choice of great and chic hairstyles that we can wear in everyday life seems endless by now. Whether festive, casual, for a wedding or to keep our hair out of our face in the summer – updos in all imaginable variations simply always work and every woman should be very good at at least one look. However, hairstyle trends come and go every season, but there is probably no other hairstyle that looks as timeless and glamorous as the Sleek Bun. The classy updo has already conquered the runways and the hearts of numerous fashionistas worldwide, making it the absolute hairstyle trend for spring 2022. Are you longing for a little change and want to give your mane a modern touch? Then read on and learn here how to style the sleek bun very quickly and easily!

The Sleek Bun for an elegant appearance

easy updo hairstyles tutorial Sleek Bun styling.

Super classy, chic and styled in no time – the Sleek Bun is one of those updos that never go out of fashion and are always reinterpreted. All women who like to experiment with their hair may already know the elegant version. But what makes the trend hairstyle 2022 so special? To give our hairstyle a glamorous touch, we have an infinite number of styling variations to choose from!

Updos trends 2022 high sleek bun styling pictures

Should it be a low bun? Or should it be a little higher? When styling the Sleek Bun, the sky is literally the limit and the hairstyle always looks beautiful. The look looks especially classy when you wear the chignon low on your neck. But then there is also the question: do you want to combine the updo with a parting? With the trend hairstyle, you can consider whether you want to comb your complete hair directly all the way back or apply a deep side or middle parting.

Sleek Bun styling trend hairstyles 2022

Straight and shiny hair always looks super classy and can upgrade even the plainest outfit in no time. Even a casual jeans look in everyday life becomes much more elegant and chic. Another advantage of the sleek bun is that the updo can be implemented with absolute haircuts and lengths. Whether short, long, thick or as an updo for thin hair – the hairstyle trend always goes and provides a glamorous-elegant touch.

Sleek Bun styling à la Hailey Bieber: So quickly you succeed in the noble updo hairstyle

Updos trends 2022 Hailey Bieber sleek bun style

She has perfected it and made it the absolute trend hairstyle of the year. The Sleek Bun is without a doubt THE signature look of top model Hailey Bieber. In a recent interview, she revealed that she wants her hair out of her face when she’s not wearing hair extensions. And that’s where the Sleek Bun just comes in handy. Hailey Bieber loves the look because it’s super simple, yet looks very classy and chic. To give your hair that glossy finish, use a range of moisturizing and conditioning products when styling. As a bonus? These act as a sort of intense hair mask, ensuring your hair is healthy and strong.

Hailey Bieber Sleek Bun Styling Updos Medium Length Hair

And this is how easy it is to style the sleek bun like the top model:

  • First, comb the hair well and make a middle parting.
  • Next, take the hair strictly back and fix it as smooth as possible with a thin hair tie at the back of the head. Whether you choose a low or high chignon for this is purely a matter of taste – the Sleek Bun always works.
  • Comb the braid through well once again and then twist it into a chignon. Secure with bobby pins at the back of the head.
  • To round off the shiny look, rub some hair oil or hair gel between your hands and use it to smooth out any protruding strands.
  • Fix with a little hairspray as desired and voilà – that’s how easy it is to style the Sleek Bun.

The updo for short hair

Sleek bun styling updos for thin hair

The Sleek Bun is considered the minimalist mix of casual and elegant and can also be styled in less than 5 minutes. Especially when we’re in a hurry again in the morning or just haven’t managed to wash our hair, the trendy hairstyle is our absolute savior in need! Beautiful updos only work with a long head of hair? Far from it! Even with short hair, you can still style the Sleek Bun. To do this, simply comb the hair well first as described above and then style it into a micro bun. Fix the protruding strands with several bobby pins and your updo for short hair is ready. To add a glamorous touch to the look, complement the sleek bun with hair accessories, such as hair bows.

Sleek bun styling: this is how chic the updo looks!

Updos medium length hair how to style sleek bun

The updo is all the rage and always looks adorable

Updos thin hair Sleek Bun styling guide

Sleek bun styling for a classy and effortless look

Gigi Hadid hairstyles pictures low sleek bun styling tutorial

The trend hairstyle works perfectly with all hair lengths

elegant updos do it yourself sleek bun styling long hair

The updo for short hair looks just as exciting and modern

Low Sleek Bun styling quick updo hairstyles tutorial.

Even the stars love the Sleek Bun and wear it up and down

Sleek bun styling trend hairstyles long hair 2022