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Skunk Stripe Hair is THE trend hairstyle in spring 2022, which we want to try immediately!

Are you also already looking forward to spring? The change of season is the perfect time for us to give our look a refreshing upgrade. And the best possible way to achieve this? With a new hairstyle or hair color, of course! Whether it’s a pixie cut for gray hair or cool bob hairstyles – hairstyle-wise, it’s guaranteed not to be boring this year and there’s something for everyone! But what if we are happy with our haircut and can not decide on a particular hair color? Then we will simply dye our mane two colors! Super chic and incredibly bold – Skunk Stripe Hair is THE trend hairstyle of the year and has already conquered the hearts of all celebrities and fashionistas! You can not do anything with the term? Don’t worry, today’s article will tell you everything you need to know about the hairstyle trend!

What exactly is Skunk Stripe Hair?

Dua Lipa Hairstyles 2022 Skunk Stripe Hair what is that

Do you love experimenting with your hair and trying out new and bold looks? Then the Skunk Stripe Hair is the perfect choice for you! The hair trend from the 90s is coming back to us and has already become the most popular trend hairstyle 2022. With the crazy look, the name is actually program. Translated from English means "Skunk Hair" in German "skunk hair". Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? But the look looks really cool and immediately catches the eye.

Trend Hair Colors 2022 Skunk Stripe Hair Hairstyle

To understand what is Skunk Stripe Hair, imagine what a skunk looks like. Similar to the skunk’s coat, it focuses on the contrast of a light and a dark shade. Whether you dye only the outer strands or the entire bottom hair, it does not matter. The hairstyle is a real eye-catcher and is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Trend hairstyles spring summer 2022 what is Skunk Stripe Hair

You can experiment with your hair as you like to create a very individual hairstyle. The only important thing is that the contrast is visible. Gentle transitions and color gradients as with Balayage or Ombrè are not to be found in Skunk Stripe Hair. The trend hairstyle is all about a distinctive and bold look without compromise!

Rihanna hairstyles short hair skunk stripe hair trend hairstyle spring 2022

The black and white combination is too much for you? There is no right or wrong way to wear Skunk Stripe Hair. The trendy hairstyle doesn’t necessarily always have to look so drastic and can always be adjusted a bit. For example, how about a golden blonde combined with a warm medium brown hair color? The more subtle version looks really chic and classy and is ideal for those who want a subtle change.

The stars are also obsessed with the trend hairstyle

Miley Cyrus Hairstyles 2022 Skunk Stripe Hair Trend Hairstyle.

Skunk Stripe Hair is also causing plenty of excitement among numerous celebrities and influencers and enjoys great popularity. For example, singer Dua Lipa has already opted for the extreme look in 2020 and presented it on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. Similarly, Miley Cyrus did it a few months ago, bringing the 90s hairstyle back to life. The black strands were applied to the pop singer not accurately, but totally messed up. As far as your hair is concerned, Miley Cyrus undoubtedly belongs to the braver generation and proves to us again how cool and versatile the skunk stripe hair actually is as a hairstyle trend.

Do Skunk Stripe Hair yourself: here’s how easy it is to achieve the trendy look at home

Dark hair with blonde highlights skunk stripe hair hairstyle trend.

Although Skunk Stripe Hair looks like one of those hairstyles for which we should visit our hairdresser, it is actually surprisingly easy to achieve the look yourself at home. Unlike other coloring techniques, no special knowledge is needed here and the hairstyle may look a bit unnatural. Whether you want to color your hair horizontally or vertically, or just give your bangs a refreshing touch, depends on your own taste. Either way, the end result is stunning! Depending on what your starting color is, you may want to blonde your hair first.

Hair two-tone dye pictures what is skunk stripe hair hairstyle

And this is how easy it is to dye your hair two colors:

  • Stir the hair colors in two bowls according to package directions.
  • Separate the part you want to dye from the rest of your hair.
  • Apply the color with a brush to the desired section of hair, starting at the roots and then spreading it to the tips.
  • Cover the dyed hair with foil so that the color does not get on the rest of the hair.
  • Repeat the above step as desired with a few more strands and let the color sink in.
  • Rinse hair, use a conditioner and voilà – you are already wearing the Skunk Stripe Hair!

Skunk Stripe Hair: this is how cool the 2022 trend hairstyle looks!

Skunk Stripe Hair what is the blonde hair with dark strands.

For a more subtle version of the trend hairstyle, keep the bottom hair platinum blonde and go dark on top.

Trend hairstyle skunk stripe hair trend hair colors spring 2022

Or how about a few gray highlights for a softer contrast?

gray highlights trend bangs hairstyles spring summer 2022

Skunk Stripe Hair is the perfect look to give our mane a refreshing touch

Hair Color Trends Spring 2022 Skunk Stripe Hair Hairstyle

The trend hairstyle looks lively and always puts you in a good mood

Skunk Stripe Hair Hairstyle Trends Spring 2022

The trend hairstyle impresses with its versatility and always looks really chic

Bangs trend hairstyles spring 2022 Skunk Stripe Hair hairstyle trend.