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Simply re-braid the hair crown braid – with video

The so-called Crown Braid is undisputedly the crown among the braided hairstyles! Tikbow explains what exactly is meant by it and how the braided work of art works – step by step, very easy to copy and with video tutorial.

Crown Braid – what is it?

Crown braid means crown braid. The braided hairstyle is perfect for festive occasions, but it can also be worn as an elegant eye-catcher in everyday life. The royals also love the chic trend hairstyle, the best example being Charlene of Monaco. But how does the beautiful braided hairstyle work?

Crown Braid: Instructions in video

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Step 1

Make a loose middle parting at the back of the head and separate a thick strand from one side.

Step 2

The thick strand is divided into three equal strands, the outer ones of which are crossed over the middle one.

Step 3

From here, as with the French braid, more and more hair is added to the individual strands from above and below. Thus, from the back to the front, an even wreath is braided.

Step 4

The braided crown goes from the back to the front and back again on the other side until it reaches the starting point again. There, the ends of the hair are pushed into the beginning and best fixed with a small clip, which is then hidden under the hair, so that the wreath is not visually interrupted.

Tip: If the hair is twice as long as the wreath, it can be braided twice around the head. If they are only conditionally longer, simply continue braiding, push under the wreath and fix or braided twist into a snail and pin.

Step 5

In a final step, use your fingers to gently pull the individual braided loops apart to give the braid more body.

Woman with Crown Braid from front and back
The Crown Braid wraps around the head like a crown.Photo: Tikbow

How is the Crown Braid maintained?

The Crown Braid hält because of its endlessness in the best case by itself. If you have very fine hair, mousse can provide more grip. A load of hairspray helps to fix the crown. In the evening, be sure to carefully lösen the hair and comb well through.