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Shullet hairstyle: the shaggy mullet is very trendy and allows many different & great styling options

The popular Shaggy Mullet ( Shullet ) is a timeless, heavily layered haircut inspired by the 70s. It consists of longer strands in the back that accentuate the shorter strands in the front and crown. It provides extra volume, texture, fashion and personality. If you think it’s time to spice up your look, get inspired by these pictures of the Shullet hairstyle!

For whom is the shullet hairstyle suitable

For whom is the shullet hairstyle suitable

Shags and mullets suit ladies who like to wear their hair down. If you prefer to keep your hair up in a chignon or ponytail, we don’t recommend a shaggy mullet haircut. Because of the many layers involved in this cut, a lot of hair will fall out of your hair band, hair tie or braid.

It is important that you find a hairstylist who is no stranger to the techniques for this edgy haircut. Talk to him about your expectations, such as how strong you want the bangs to be or how short you want the layers. Talk about home maintenance and the time between your haircut visits.

Don’t forget to ask for some styling tips. Your hair will look different if it’s blow-dried, straightened, curled or even in its natural shape.

Still remember that any woman who has had a Shullet hairstyle done will instantly look more confident.

Light blonde shaved haircut

With a light blonde shaved shullet hairstyle you are right on trend

With a light blonde shaved Shullet hairstyle, you will be right on trend. Using a razor is one of the best ways to add messy texture to your fine, straight hair. Shattered layers make your mane look fuller and fall into place with little styling.

Punk rock-inspired shullet hairstyle

Punk rock inspired shag mullet with a shaved side

A punk rock-inspired shag mullet with a shaved side is ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Before you get to your hair appointment, make sure you provide your stylist with references. Make sure you are both on the same page about the elements you want and don’t want to see in this custom haircut.

Shaggy Mullet for Women Over 70

Shullet hairstyle can conceal hair loss in women over 70

Women over 70 who want to keep some length should get a Shaggy Mullet cut. Their aging hair can still be stylish with shaggy layers that flow towards the face. To hide the hair loss in the temple areas, you should comb your hair forward. Try blow drying them with your hands to maintain their natural movement.

Blonde and brown shullet hairstyle.

This two tone hair color is a really cool look

This two-tone hair color is a really cool look! The blonde block coloring over the brown gives your hair great depth and dimension. The result is a thicker hair. If you can, you should diffuse it with curl cream. This will add texture and volume!

Shaggy mullet for medium length hair

Shaggy mullet for medium length hair

Go rock star with a shaggy mullet for medium length hair. If you opt for a bold cut, you’ll need a break from the short top coat to the back to maintain length. Spot cuts in the top hair and bangs add fancy texture. Get the most out of your cut by using Mess It Up Texture Paste from Pureology to promote separation.

Shullet hairstyle with thick bangs

The mullet with thick bangs is a trendy and edgy look

The mullet with thick bangs is a trendy and fancy look. But to create this look, it is important that your hair is medium to thick and has a straight to wavy texture. If it’s too fine, you won’t be able to reach the thick bangs and they will look stringy. Wear your mane blow-dried without much volume and gently smooth the ends and bangs.

Platinum blonde with bangs for a lively look.

Platinum blonde with bangs for a lively look

If you have a fun, lively personality, then a shaggy mullet hairstyle with bangs might be just what you need. When you pair a blunt, straight fringe with a messy, layered shullet hairstyle in platinum blonde, you create the perfect balance between bold and casual. The shorter your hair is, the easier it is to style it in the morning. All you need is a texturizing spray and some clay to shape the shorter layers!

Edgy mixie is feminine and easy to style

Edgy mixie is feminine and easy to style

A shaggy pixie mullet (mixie) is soft, feminine and very easy to style. Expect more frequent visits to the hairdresser to keep your shaggy Pixie Mullet hairstyle in shape. A shorter, textured fringe adds softness and highlights the eyes.

Trend hairstyle mixie cut – styling ideas on how to wear one of the best haircuts in 2023 can be found here !

Shoulder length wolf cut with full bangs

Wolf cut hairstyles with a full fringe open wider faces

A shoulder length wolf cut adds variety with longer hair length in the back and round layers at the head height. Wolf cut hairstyles with a full fringe open up wider faces and create fun shapes for you to play with. Blow dry the hair with a round brush to create volume and smooth the top layers.

Blonde Shaggy Mullet with Bangs

The blonde shullet hairstyle with a fringe is inspired by the era of the 70s

The blonde shaggy mullet with bangs is inspired by the 70s era. Heavily textured layers connect the shorter top section and the drastically long bottom section. For styling, use a curling iron with a large barrel for volume and movement.