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Shoulder Grazing Bob: The fabulous shoulder length hairstyle that is all the rage in 2023

Trendy Shoulder Grazing Bob is a versatile hairstyle that can successfully decorate women of any age. Even teenage girls will look individual with this haircut. Older women can rejuvenate themselves with a medium length bob haircut. In this article, you will see what looks you can create with a shoulder-length bob.

Shoulder Grazing Bob: The trendy, medium length hairstyle

The shoulder grazing bob is currently in vogue

Shoulder Grazing Bobs are very trendy at the moment. They are beautiful in every texture and color – smooth and sleek or wavy and messy. There are so many options and there is always a quick and easy styling method, depending on your hair type.

What is a Shoulder Grazing Bob?

The longer version of the bob is the Shoulder Grazing Bob

The Shoulder Grazing Bob has long been a popular haircut because it flatters any face shape. It is a slightly longer version of the bob, with the length reaching at or just below the shoulders.

The following looks are simple extensions of the shoulder length bob, and even better. From mid-length cuts with bangs to blunt bobs, meeting in the middle is anything but boring. These hairstyles offer you different ways to keep your style modern, classic or trendy. Whether you’re growing out a short haircut or updating a long haircut, a shoulder length cut is the most flattering compromise between short and long. Shoulder length bobs are long enough to style easily, but short enough to look fresh and not weigh you down.

Shoulder-length ombré look

Shoulder Grazing Bob - Ombré look

The ombré look is still very popular, and it’s perfect if you’re shy about changing your hair color. The word “ombré” comes from French and means different colors that blend into each other, from light to dark. The roots are usually darker and from the half of the hair the lighter color comes into play. A shoulder length bob with sandy ombré hair looks stunning. And don’t forget that any hairstyle that isn’t dyed from the roots will save you money!

Center parted shoulder bob

Shoulder length blonde bob parted in the middle

For medium length hairstyles, you can easily part your hair in the middle without making it look flat and dull. Style your locks in neat, uneven waves for an effortless look. Complete the hairstyle with a fresh and cool blonde to add some brightness to your hair.

Shoulder Grazing Bob with Bangs

Trendy bob hairstyle with bangs in caramel

If you have a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face, you should try this caramel-colored, medium-length hairstyle with bangs. For such face shapes, the cut will look softer. Since this trendy haircut includes bangs, it suits ladies with unique eye colors.

Chic Shoulder Bob with Side Parting

Refresh your medium length bob with a side parting

Do you want to make your look quite simple and at the same time eye-catching? Then the side parting is just what you need. A little asymmetrical silhouette will change the look of your mid-length bob and simply refresh your daily style.

Balayage Shoulder Grazing Bob

Blonde Balayage Shoulder Grazing Bob

A shoulder length blonde balayage bob is complimentary for women with longer necks. This hairstyle is typically suitable for taller women because it gives them balance. Adding face-framing highlights can complement it with brightness. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your highlights as often, and it’s an inexpensive way to look good. Perfect if you are looking for a natural looking hairstyle.

Unique, quirky bob

The shoulder length bob can also be quirky

Do you have thick hair? If you think that medium length hairstyles are best for thin hair, you are wrong! You don’t have to worry. A classic, angled bob looks great on all hair types and it never goes out of style. This unique medium length, angled bob creates a low maintenance, sleek hairstyle. If you have thicker hair, it sits so gracefully and always has extra volume. Opt for this haircut if you want to soften your face and make it more symmetrical.

Medium length bob adorned with braid

Spice up the bob hairstyle with a braid

You can always spice up the medium length haircut with a braid on the side. Spray hairspray afterwards for a nicer finish and to make your hairstyle last long.

Curly Shoulder Grazing Bob

The naturally curly shoulder length bob is very easy to maintain

With naturally curly hair, you don’t need steps for texture and definition. Your stylist may need to thin out the cut a bit to make it more stunning. Remember that if you straighten your hair, it will be much longer than your curly bob. You can always switch between the two lengths.

Silver Gray Ombré Shoulder Grazing Bob

The silver-gray ombré bob for shoulder-length hair is right on trend

Silver grays have fully taken over the international hair world. It is not uncommon to see someone with gray or silver hair color. Do you feel infected by the silver gray mood too? Opt for this ombré hairstyle to highlight your style and character .

Shoulder Grazing Bob with Thin Bangs

Medium bob with thin bangs is a variation of the shoulder grazing bob.

Short, thin bangs are ideal for thin hair, and they don’t require a lot of effort as they can easily grow out.