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Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 inspired by the stars


In the summer, because of the heat and their faithful companion – sweating, many ladies consider shortening their hair significantly. Not without reason, short hairstyles for women have significantly many advantages over the long mane. Stars from Hollywood have bravely decided to go for short haircuts in 2016 and serve as inspirations for women around the world. Be brave and treat yourself to a fresh new look for summer just like singers and actresses did!

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – the stars today and 2 years ago.

Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen -stars-vorhe-nachher-Scarlett-Johansson

For a significant change in appearance Scarlett Johansson decided in 2016. She did not gradually shorten her hair, as most celebrities do, but boldly parted with the long mane at once. At the top of the head, the strands are left longer and flatter the face. The approaches are naturally left darker and achieve viesuellen volume. This short hairstyle is especially suitable for oval face shape.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has experimented around a lot with her hairstyling over the years. We take a look at her look since 2013 and today at the Golden Globe Awards. A really fresh and youthful short hairstyle for women has presented the actress, totally in line with her athletic figure and tan.

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Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Kristen Stewart.

Kurzhaarfrisuren für Frauen -stars-vorhe-nachher-Kristen-Stewart

The star actress from the vampire saga ‘Twilight’ (‘Bite at Dawn’) has kept her long mane during the shooting of all the movies and hardly changed it. Shortly after, Kristen Stewart has become bolder and open to experimentation even in terms of hair lengths and colors. After the successful box office movies, she has played complicated characters in low-budget productions and changed a lot in her personal life as well.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Rita Ora


Rita Ora knows how to attract attention and is right source of inspiration for brave women’s hairstyles. She focuses on contrasts – platinum blonde hair and dark, thick eyebrows. This makes her face especially expressive and directs the gaze right in the eyes. The other day she was on the cover of Elle magazine Canada with a very short haircut. Make no mistake, this can be wig or even her real hair, but stars don’t have to wait years to get their hair long again. For that there would be extensions.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Jessie J


Jessy J har cheated on her black hair color and not only that, but also at one time cut her hair really short. Great short hairstyle for ladies with beautiful symmetrical face and expressive eyes – short pixie cut. The light ash blonde hair shade suits wonderfully women who have a peculiar eye color and is beautiful way to emphasize it.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Demi Lovatto


Demi Lovatto always presents very eye-catching, eccentric looks and stylings. In 2014 she went for strands in bright pink-purple colors and clothes more in punk style. Today she wears her hair much shorter and exclusively in one color – dark, of course. The classic haircut and beautiful, glossy hair color look wonderful on any lady and hint at class and taste.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Taylor Swift


Graceful singer Taylor Swift always stays true to her girlish style and prefers classic hairstyles and haircuts. At the 2016 BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills she appeared with carré cut and very lightened hair. What do you think about the difference of 2014?

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller is definitely a fan of the boho casual style and relies exactly on it even for special occasions. She doesn’t like complicated and high-maintenance hairstyles. Maybe for this reason she had her hair cut chin-length. This length is really practical and at the same time can be styled in a varied way.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett is a symbol of timeless style, with which she also convinces on stage. The coveted actress always goes for the true classic when it comes to hairstyles and likes to experiment with effective outfits that delight with imaginative details and accents. Her secret is ‘simple but effective’.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Sophia Bush.


The chin length short hairstyle for women is a sophisticated way to add fresh touch to her look. This length is not too short and presents the narrow neck, a symbol of femininity. The hair can still be styled on waves or tied up. Actress Sophia Bush looks fresher and more youthful today compared to 2014.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Lily Collins.


English actress Lily Collins famous with her classic beauty and expressive look wears her hair short and relatively dark in the last few years. In the past they were long and lightened. With her, you can notice with unaided eye that she looks more confident and mature today. She owes this effect to the darker hair shade.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – Kaley Cuocco


Comedy actress Kaley Cuocco, very famous with the role in the movie ‘The Big Bang Theory’, wore her hair long and light blonde until 2014. She has remained faithful to her hair color, as well as her favorite beach waves, but in 2015 she suddenly decided to go for a very short haircut and today she has stuck to the universal long to the chin or shoulder. The very lightened hair ends look especially good ladies with a nice tan.

Short hairstyles for women 2016/2017 – actress Amber Valetta.


Actress and model Amber Valetta always looks excellent and opts for stylish, special, but not flashy outfits. She goes for colors that suit her complexion and golden-blonde hair color, as well as green eyes. With a simple haircut, the face and especially the eyes come into their own.