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Shag Cut: this is the hot hairstyle trend in fall 2022 that you should try!

One of the biggest hair trends of 2022 is the shag cut, a dashing hairstyle that suits virtually every hair type and age. With a shag haircut, you can be sure to keep your look current and attractive. The cool shaggy hairstyle is so incredibly trendy lately – it consists of loose layers, a choppy style and lots of volume and can also be incredibly versatile. This trendy hairstyle can be short, long, blonde or brown, as we want to show you in this beautiful gallery.

Modern shag cut for fall 2022

Modern shag cut for fall 2022

The haircut was first invented by Paul McGregor in the 70s and is now on the rise again because of its versatility. The modern shag hairstyle is a bit more casual than the classic version from the 70s.

Hairstyle trends for women over 50 and 60 - Shag Cut

The haircut of rock and roll stars today looks more feminine and effortless. This shaggy haircut can be styled to perfectly balance your facial features.

Shaggy Pixie Cut for women of any age.

Pixie Shag Cut for ladies over 50 and 60 - peppy hairstyles

The Pixie Cut is a popular short hairstyle for women that can be easily customized to suit your preferences. The haircut looks great on women of all ages and can be incredibly flattering. Although it is a traditional short haircut that is short in the back and sides and long on top, it can also be cut a little longer.

Shaggy Pixie Cut for women at any age

A shaggy pixie is a combination of both hairstyles that gives you an edgy and voluminous look. It is great for thin hair as it makes it look thicker and fuller, but it can also take weight off thick hair.

Short, trendy shag haircut: the shaggy bob.

Short trendy shag haircut - the shaggy bob

A shaggy haircut is a great way to add volume and texture to your short hair. This hairstyle is also called a shaggy bob and looks timelessly chic without losing an edgy touch. A short shag haircut looks especially good on women of any age and flatters any face, depending on the length of the bob , the arrangement of the layers and whether you add bangs.

Hairstyle trend 2022 - Shaggy Bob

A layered bob is one of the classic shag haircuts for women. Stick to your natural color for an aristocratic look or try platinum or pearly blonde to be the trendiest person in the room!

Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs

Shag cut with curtain bangs - current trend hairstyles for fall 2022 for older women

Shaggy hairstyles and curtain bangs always go well together and create an enviable volume.

Shag Cut with Curly Bangs

Pro tip: Add highlights and waves for added texture and a sun-kissed look.

Hairstyle trend 2022: Sassy, medium-length shaggy hairstyle.

Hairstyle trend 2022 - Sassy, medium length shaggy hairstyle

Medium length hair is classic for the shag haircut, as all the layers frame and flatter your face. The low-maintenance, medium-length haircut is a versatile choice as it suits different hair types. A spritz of sea salt spray gives it a chic undone finish.

Flicked Shag Cut

Flicked Shag Cut

This is another dramatic shag hairstyle that attracts attention. This remarkable hairstyle works with fantastic feathered layers from top to bottom, creating an amazing textured finish. This stylish lady has frayed the ends of her hair, which along with the layers creates this gorgeous final result.

Shaggy hairstyle for long hair

Shaggy haircut for long hair - current hairstyles 2022

This absolutely stunning hairstyle is stylish and perfect for an everyday style. The majority of the hair falls well below the shoulders, with shorter and choppy strands at the top of the hair and a lush, long fringe at the side that finishes off the hairstyle.

Shaggy hairstyle for long hair

The layers add more movement.

Snappy, curly shaggy hairstyle

Shaggy haircut with curls - hairstyle trends 2022

The shaggy haircut is not only suitable for straight-haired women – it looks great on a full head of luscious curls, too! If you are a fan of the 70s look, a curly shag cut is an excellent choice for you.

Snappy curly shaggy hairstyle

The layers are less visible than on straight or wavy hair, but they give your curls more movement and direction. At the same time, the haircut adds shape and takes some of the “weight” out of your hair.

Wavy shag haircut – current hairstyle trends.

Wavy shag haircut - current hairstyle trends

These beautiful waves are shoulder length and look perfect on this pretty lady. The shape of the hairstyle with the shorter strands is absolutely stunning.

Elegant shag cut for women over 50

Elegant shag cut for women over 50

Because of the extra volume and texture, this haircut can be an excellent choice for women over 50. This is because hair often thins and loses fullness and thickness over time. At the same time, layers can be cut to frame and flatter the face, accentuate cheekbones and conceal fine lines. And if you are over 50 , a shaggy hairstyle can revive your fun memories and refresh your style as well as revive the cool spirit of the 70s.

Stylish shaggy hairstyle for women over 60

Stylish Shaggy Hairstyle for Women over 60

If you’re looking for a chic haircut that suits women of all ages, there are few better choices than the shag haircut. The choppy strands can be worn on different hair textures and adapted to different lengths and colorings. It’s a look that adds texture and volume to hair, which is especially great for older women, as hair naturally thins and slows down with age. The shag cut suits almost everyone and can contribute to a youthful look with the layers that frame the face.