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Sassy bangs hairstyles for 50-year-old women: These haircuts will definitely make you look younger!

With or without bangs? This is the question that we women ask ourselves almost all our lives, when the time comes for the hairdresser. There is hardly anyone who has not tried bangs sooner or later, although the result does not always meet our expectations. However, from a certain point in life, the bangs are not only a possibility, but even a must if we want to conceal certain lines on the face. Whether the bangs can really make you younger and what to consider, we now summarize for you. And if you need some inspiration for your next hair appointment, we’ll give you some more ideas for sassy bangs hairstyles for 50-year-old women.

Can bangs make you look younger?

Long bob hairstyle and curtain bangs for 50 year old ladies

Okay, we should admit it: once we reach the age of 50, we try harder and harder to look younger. Whether it’s through our clothes , our beauty routine or our haircut, a fresh, more youthful appearance is goal number one for the majority of women over 50. And that’s normal. After all, appearance can have a major impact on our self-confidence.

In this regard, the hairstyle offers itself as an easy way to cheat a few years off the face. Even a small element like bangs can have a big impact.

Shaggy bob with bangs for 50 year old women

Bangs can give your face a youthful look by making it appear smaller. However, make sure that the bangs are not too short. It should fall long enough across your forehead so that it doesn’t bring out the fine lines around your eyes. And although long bangs are trendy right now, you don’t want them to cover your beautiful eyes either. Work with your hairstylist to find the best length for your face shape and features.

Different types of bangs and their anti-aging effect.

Sassy bob hairstyle with bangs for 50 year old women

There are so many ways to style bangs, and each one of these styles adds a youthful energy to your look in different ways. Bangs can be chic, cute or sassy – it just depends on how you style them. All styles have their advantages. That’s why we’d like to elaborate a bit on the different types of bangs that can help you look younger.

You can experiment with different types of bangs to find out what works best for you. Here are the different bangs hairstyles you can try to achieve a more youthful look:

Soft, stringy bangs

Which fringe makes you look younger with gray hair

Stringy bangs hairstyles, or still known as wispy bangs, are fun, flirty and young looking. They create a subtle, yet cute and sassy look that will make your face look years younger. This cut is perfect for accentuating your already youthful complexion.

A long fringe goes well with many hairstyles for women over 50

Pixie cut with bangs for brown hair 50+ women

With many facial expressions, we crease our foreheads, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. A long fringe is the perfect solution to conceal these wrinkles while we try to relax ourselves and, in the process, our face.

Full, blunt bangs

Medium length hairstyle for 50 year old woman with bangs

A full, blunt, curly fringe frames your face and gives it a contoured, lifted look. It beautifully accentuates medium-length cuts and forms the upper frame of the face.

Side bangs

Wavy bob with side styled bangs for a youthful look

A side fringe softens facial features that become harsher with age and draws attention to your eyes. This type of fringe also prevents your hair from falling flat. With a side fringe, the illusion of fuller hair can actually be given very well.

Bangs hairstyles with highlights

Look younger with the right hairstyle

Highlights in the bangs give your face a warmer look commonly associated with youthfulness. The highlights can be one or two shades lighter than your color for an interesting yet natural effect.

Sassy bangs hairstyles for women over 50: ideas for any hair length.

Do you want to look younger and feel more confident? Then a sassy haircut with bangs is just the thing for you! Take a look at the following pictures with sassy bangs hairstyles for mature ladies. There is a suitable style for every hair length.

Cheeky short haircut with full bangs for a younger look.

Pixie cut with bangs is a good choice for slim women over 50

A bob hairstyle for gray hair with curtain bangs also combines well with glasses

Short hairstyle for gray hair with curtain bangs and glasses

Sassy shag cut for medium length hair: a trendy hairstyle for 50-year-old women

Shag cut for medium length hair as a bold hairstyle for 50 year old woman

A long, fringed fringe goes well with long hairstyles for women over 50

Long hair with wispy bangs for 50+ women

And if bangs don’t suit you?

There are a variety of hairstyles that will suit your face. If you prefer to forgo bangs, there are countless other hairstyles that can make you look younger. Long, layered curls, for example, take the heaviness out of your face. Short hair frames your face and removes damaged, dry ends that can make you look older than you are. The possibilities are there, and they are endless.