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Rolled Bob: With this styling technique every bob hairstyle gets an extra portion of volume

Have you ever been annoyed in front of the mirror why your hair falls so flat and lifeless around your face? You are certainly not alone in this. After all, all of us who have not been blessed with gorgeous locks have experienced it before. Even if you wear a bob, which should conjure up that extra amount of volume in your hair, you can find yourself in this situation. Luckily, though, there’s a super simple hack that can make your hair look fuller and more voluminous, regardless of its texture. The so-called Rolled Bob doesn’t require cutting and layering the hair, but it provides that extra volume kick that each of us needs. What is it about the styling technique and how to master it at home, we reveal in the article!

What is the Rolled Bob?

Bob style trend hairstyle 2022

If you see new and more extravagant names in your feed every day, often leading to one and the same bob hairstyle, you may wonder what else the Rolled Bob could offer. However, this is not about a “new” haircut, but a method of styling the classic hairstyle.

That being said, the hairstyle trend works for most bob variations. The exception is the very short cuts that end at the ears or even higher, because the styling technique requires a certain length. Medium length and long bob variants like lobs are optimal , but you can also try the styling trick at chin length.

What is the Rolled Bob and who can wear it

This bob combines mega volume with a sleek, glamorous finish that we totally agree with. It’s a mix of all the styles that have been all the rage lately: the classic blowout blow-dry, Farrah Fawcett’s ’70s hairstyle, the modern twist on the “Rachel cut” and, of course, the classic blunt bob. The styling technique is great for fine hair and makes it look much thicker.

Styling Rolled Bob: With these tips and tools it works.

Long bob styling with blow dry brush

With the right technique, anyone can style a Rolled Bob themselves at home and conjure up volume in the hair in no time.

If you want to spice up your hair without losing inches, even the pros will advise you to play with styling instead of length. This works well even with short hair if you have the right tools. So what all do you need to style a Rolled Bob? The variations are two.

Conjure up volume with a curling brush.

Bob hairstyle blowout with middle parting

As always, the most important thing is to find the right tool for the job. In this case, that means breaking out your electric hairbrush, because it takes the heavy lifting out of styling and gets your hair into the shape you want quickly and easily. A volumizing styler or curling brush is best for this, but you can also achieve a similar effect with a straightening brush.

How it works:

  1. Wash hair as usual and pat dry.
  2. Part your hair (a side parting is best) and massage some mousse or a volumizing product into your hair.
  3. Apply heat protection and blow dry hair until about 20 percent moisture remains.
  4. Then begin to separate individual strands and blow-dry with a curling brush. While doing this, blow-dry the lower sections of hair down normally and blow-dry the top hair up towards the ceiling. This will create the most volume. Roll the ends of the hair either inwards or outwards – depending on which look you prefer.
  5. Then, turn on the cool setting to keep hair in shape.
  6. If necessary and for extra hold, fix the Rolled Bob with hairspray.
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Classically style your hair with a blow dryer and round brush.

If you don’t have a blow dry brush, you don’t have to order one right away. With a little more effort, but for the same result, you can also use a hair dryer and a round brush. Follow the instructions above, using one hand to brush the strands of hair and the other to blow dry from a certain distance.

The most beautiful ideas for the Rolled Bob

Styling medium length hair with round brush and blow dryer

The Rolled Bob is a versatile styling option for the classic cut. This hairstyle works wonderfully with a blunt bob, because the uniform hair length allows you to keep the curl even and blow dry a perfect shape. But a great effect can also be achieved with slightly layered hair.

Rolled Bob with bangs

Rolled Bob hairstyle with bangs how to style

A long fringe can also complement the Rolled Bob well, as long as you integrate it into the styling. So, the bangs must be long enough to be styled with the curling brush.

Rolled under

Rolled bob down with bangs

With the styling technique, you can choose to blow dry the hair inward or outward.

Rolled over

Style your own bob with volume

However, it’s not “either or.” You can quite calmly wrap a part of the strands inward, and a part – downward. Play with the hair to get the effect that you like the most.

Conjure up a natural look for the hair

Cool styling technique for medium length hairstyles

The beauty of trying this styling technique is that you don’t have to commit. Instead, styling it can change the whole vibe of your looks until you wash it out and restyle it. We’d love to wear this hairstyle over and over again, though.