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Red and curly! What’s behind Rumer Willis’ new hairstyle

She is the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore and for a long time relied on the same hairstyle as the celebrity mom: long, dark colored, sometimes straight, sometimes wavy styled. On Instagram, however, the actress recently surprised with a completely different look – the mother-daughter lookalike style was yesterday! Instead, her current hairstyle is now reminiscent of a number of other celebrity ladies….

If there is one trending hair color this summer, it is definitely copper red! "Bridgerton"-leading actress Phoebe Dynevor already swapped her dark blonde natural hair color for the gaudy metallic shade, Rumer Willis is another celebrity member in the club of copper fans: her black XXL mane has given way to an orange-red curly splendor. The proof photo für the blatant type change supplied the 32-Jährige with Instagram – with suitable, red-haired Emoji:

Now the daughter of Bruce Willis followed up again and posted another picture of her new hairstyle with wild curls and crimped bangs. Her comment: "Accidental good hair day".

Celebrity inspiration for Rumer Willis‘ new look

In fact, the inspiration for her look was not Netflix star Dynevor, but rather a number of other prominent actress colleagues: "Wanted to be a mix of the Owens sisters, sprung from the wonderful mind of my favorite author Alice Hoffman. Coupled with a touch of Susan Sarandon in ,The Witches of Eastwick‘ and ,Thelma and Louise‘", Willis writes about the photo, which shows her wearing a wallemähne and a polka-dot top against a bright blue sky. A look that also reminds a bit of Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" – who, by the way, also belongs to the long list of Willis‘ hairstyle role models.

Successful type change

No question, the hairstyle transformation à la Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Susan Sarandon is more than successful. At first glance, we would hardly have recognized Demi Moore’s daughter. The warm hair color and the curly styling make the actress’s facial features look much softer than the previously strict look with black, straight hair. At the same time, the red shade harmonizes perfectly with the actress’ skin tone and brown eye color. Her Instagram community also likes the new style. While her Instagram photos usually range between 5,000 and 15,000 likes, Rumer Willis has more than 38,000 likes under her first photo with a copper mane. With the current picture, she still hailed 27,700 likes.

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis
Like mother like daughter: Demi Moore (l.) and her daughter Rumer Willis wore the same hairstyle for a long timePhoto: Getty Images

Who now also has a desire for a type transformation à la Rumer Willis, but must bring a little patience. In fact, it is not easy to lighten dark-colored hair evenly and then also to dip it into a natural red tone. This can sometimes take several sessions with a hair professional. Rumer Willis‘ s hair, however, does not show the strain of the hairdressing procedure, the curls look healthy, the color rich and natural. Responsible for this are hair stylists Amber Maynard Bolt and Adir Abergel, who are already familiar with celebrity clientele. Abergel’s clientele includes stars such as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel – and now a redheaded Rumer Willis.