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Rebel cuts that show your wild side are the hottest hair trends for spring 2022

Rebel cuts are the absolute highlight for 2022, there is no denying that hair is political and hair trends for this decade are a sign of the times. After the post-lockdown hair trends of the last two years, like the buzz cut and the mullet, hair trends for 2022 will continue an era where hair is bold and doesn’t follow any rules.

According to the latest trend report, natural hair texture will be one of the biggest hair trends of spring 2022, alongside bold, rebellious cuts.

What rebellious hairstyles are at the top of the hair trend 2022

Rebel Cuts are the absolute top for 2022

Rebellious, exciting, unconventional hair will be a trend across the board, with bolder and more adventurous colors and styles. 2022 is dedicated to trying out that hairstyle you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to actually do. Now is the time to unleash your wild side, whether you want to try fiery red hair, a dramatic new length, or even bangs.

If you also feel like joining the rebellious hair wave but don’t know where to start, here are a few fashion pointers. Remember that Rebel Cuts are there to take you out of your comfort zone. It’s all about experimenting and anything goes.

Rebel Cuts: octopus haircuts

Rebel Cuts - Octopus haircuts are a trend in 2022.

The wolf cut, a trending hairstyle on TikTok that defined 2021, is over. This year, it’s all about the similar but improved octopus haircut. This choppy hairstyle is all about blunt, face-framing shorter hair combined with longer pieces (which look a bit like the octopus emoji). Think of it as a way to take on the mullet with a less harsh growth phase.

Hairstyle trend 2022: Rapunzel curls

Hairstyle Trend 2022 - Rapunzel Curls

If you’re not ready to make a cut this year, you can consider another dramatic hair trend: extremely long hair.

Hair trend 2022: Horizontal highlights.

Hairstyle trend 2022 - Horizontal highlights.

Horizontal highlights (also known as "raccoon tail") will soon be seen everywhere. After Rihanna rocked the look in the latest Savage x Fenty campaign and Avril Lavigne mixed stripes into her orange tips, it’s clear the look is back. With its roots in 2000s scene girl culture, chunky highlights and two-toned hair in general are going to make a strong appearance.

Top fashion trend for 2022: rebellious red.

Top fashion trend for 2022 is rebellious red

Red has been on everyone’s lips for months now. So it doesn’t look like coppery and auburn hair is going away anytime soon. Barbie Ferreira recently made the switch, followed by Kendall Jenner, who has kept her red hair since dying it for Prada’s Fashion Week 2022 fashion show, and Sydney Sweeney, who just went strawberry blonde.

Hairstyle trend 2022: center parting of the hair

Hairstyle trend 2022 - middle parting of the hair.

While some of us are still scarred by the emo brow fringe of yesteryear, Bella Hadid has proven that the center parting will take over from the sweeping side parting this year. The side swept fringe looks especially good with messy 90s updos as well as sleek, pulled back hairstyles.

Hair trend 2022: Grafitti hair

In 2022 we will see graffiti hair not only on celebrities

Graffiti, or patterned hair, has been all the rage lately thanks to wig artists like Eda Lee and Tomihiro Kono. The buzz around graffiti hair is still mostly in the media, but in 2022, it won’t just be the stars adopting the colorful trend for everyday wear.

Rebel Cuts: The Bixie

Rebel Cuts - Bixie, part bob, part pixie.

Part bob, part pixie, this short hair trend is part of the big 90s revival.

Hair Trend 2022: Jumbo Braid (Jumbo Braid)

The jumbo braid is one of the hair trends for 2022

After the baby braid trended in 2020 and 2021, it’s time for the jumbo braid, to take the spotlight. We expect versions that are somewhere between the normal functional braid and the extreme versions we’ve seen on the red carpet.

Rebel Cuts: The Power Bob

Rebel Cuts - The Power Bob Is Back

British Vogue said it all at the end of last year: the power bob is back, with razor-sharp ends. Everyone wants to embody the rock star energy of the strong center parting and off-the-shoulder style. It has a personality all its own.

Rebel Cuts: Why you should not be afraid of cutting your hair

Rebel Cuts - why you shouldn't be afraid of them

Your hair doesn’t define who you are, you define how you want your hair to look: Don’t be a slave to your hair. Have fun with it, experiment with it, boldly express your inner world through it. Do not fall victim to the lengths and colors, but have fun with it.

It grows back: If you decide to cut your hair and are worried that you won’t like it, don’t worry, your hair will grow back. Cutting your hair is not something permanent or irreversible. Cutting your hair regularly can help your hair grow faster and stay healthy and shiny.

It’s encouraging: cutting your locks can give you a whole new energy. You’re in control and you can do what you want. New look, new you. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, cutting off a few inches can change the way you feel.

It’s exciting: It’s always exciting to get a new haircut. Having the same haircut year after year can get boring. It can be very exciting to get your hair cut because then you have a positive perspective, not a negative one.

Your hair will look healthy: As mentioned earlier, regular trims will keep your hair healthy. It will get rid of split ends and dryness, which will keep it fresh and vibrant!